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"A Matter of Time"
A Stargate SG-1 episode
A Matter of Time.jpg
Episode Nb Season 2
Episode 16
Directed by Martin Wood
Adaptation on television Brad Wright
Original air date (1999-01-29)  United States: January 29, 1999
(1998-12-09)  United Kingdom: December 9, 1998
(1999-08-12)  Australia: August 12, 1999
Length 42'26"
Guest starring
Episode chronology
"The Fifth Race"  link= "The Fifth Race" "The Fifth Race"
"Holiday" "Holiday"  link= "Holiday"
Episode title image
After gating to a world on the edge of a black hole, the S.G.C. cannot disengage the Stargate. All of Earth becomes endangered by the time-distorting gravity field.
"A Matter of Time" is the 16th episode of Stargate SG-1 Season 2.


Story development

Planets: P3W-451
Races: People of P3W-451




Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4



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  • The second part of Season 2 has been aired in UK before USA, and "A Matter of Time" has been aired before "The Fifth Race" yet, as a common rule on Semantic Stargate Wiki, it's the US diffusion that matters.
  • On DVD releases, "A Matter of Time" has been switched with "The Fifth Race".


Position Goof type Description
0:07:23 Continuity
Universe error
The Stargate address we can see on screen is the Chulak address as seen in "Children of the Gods".[1] This footage has been obviously used to save money. In "2001", where this address has been given to the Aschen to trick them, the coordinate data have been retconed.[2]


  1. see this image from "Children of the Gods", remove the point of origin and compare it to this one from "A Matter of Time".
  2. See this image here to see the difference.

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