Hunter Riley

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Hunter Riley
Character of Stargate Universe
Image of the character
Biographical informations
Birth planet Earth
Nationality Americain
Death 2009 (killed by Everett Young)
An unnamed planet
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Socio-political informations
Occupation Military
Rank Sergeant
Allegiance US Air Force
Destiny expedition
Out of Stargate universe informations
Portrayed by Haig Sutherland
First appearance "Air", Part 1

Hunter Riley was a US Air Force Sergeant, assigned to the Icarus base in 2009. He had to evacuate the base during its attack led by Lucian Alliance and was stranded inside Ancient spaceship Destiny following the evacuation. After he has been badly wounded following the Ancient shuttle's emergency landing on a planet, he begged Colonel Everett Young to put an end to his suffering, aware that he wouldn't survive anyway.


Character's evolution


  • In the script and the credits, Riley is a Sergeant. Yet, if we closely look at the stripes on the collar, they show the rank of "Senior Airman". "Sergeant" is retained as canon as everybody refer to him as Sergeant.

Behind the scenes

  • In Stargate Universe Season 1, Haig Sutherland is always credited in the ending credits. Usually it means that the character is minor. Yet, because of the number of credits and the importance of the character, he is considered as recurring.

* — Deceased

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