Abydos cartouche

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Abydos cartouche
Abydos cartouche in Stargate.jpg
The Abydos cartouche as it has been found by Kawalsky (Stargate).
Type Archeology
Place of origin Abydos
Current status Destroyed (along with the planet)
Out of Universe information
First appearance Stargate

The Abydos cartouche was a specific cartouche on which was carved the Stargate address for Earth.




Stargate (1995)

When the recon team pass through the Stargate and reach Abydos, Doctor Daniel Jackson is unable to bring them back to Earth as he thought that he could find a writting with the coordinates like the cartouche found at Giza around the Abydos pyramid.

Later, Kawalsky shows Jackson what he found in the Abydos caves. The cartouche show the first six symbols, yet the seventh is missing because of the time erosion, preventing them to return home.


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