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== Story ==
== Story ==
=== Previously ===

=== Teaser ===
=== Teaser ===

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Episode Credits Transcript Images Quotes
An episode from Stargate SG-1
Episode Nb Season 8
Episode 05
Directed by Peter F. Woeste
Original air date (2004-08-06)  USA: August 6, 2004
(2004-11-02)  UK: November 2, 2004
(2004-11-18)  AUS: November 18, 2004
Guest starring
Episode chronology
Précédent "Zero Hour" "Avatar" Suivant
Episode title card
Daniel is stranded on another planet after the team's arrival on an alien world sparks a violent civil war.
"Icon" is the 5th episode of Stargate SG-1 Season 8.


Story development

Planets: Tegalus
Locations: Kirellian wastelands • Rand Protectorate • Rand Protectorate Museum



Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4


  • On Tegalus, the Stargate is called the "Great Ring of Avidan", and is part of a mythology.


Answered questions

Non-answered questions

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Position Goof type Description
0:03:34 Inconsistency When the Stargate is activated at the moment of the arrival of SG-1 on Tegalus, the Glyph representing Earth is visible at the lower right of the gate. As this symbol is Earth's point of origin, it shouldn't be present on the Tegalan gate.


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