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An episode from Stargate SG-1
Episode Nb Season 8
Episode 05
Directed by Peter F. Woeste
Original air date (2004-08-06)  USA: August 6, 2004
(2004-11-02)  UK: November 2, 2004
(2004-11-18)  AUS: November 18, 2004
Guest starring
Episode chronology
Précédent "Zero Hour" "Avatar" Suivant
Episode title card
Daniel is stranded on another planet after the team's arrival on an alien world sparks a violent civil war.
"Icon" is the 5th episode of Stargate SG-1 Season 8.


Story development

Planets: Tegalus
Locations: Kirellian wastelands • Rand Protectorate • Rand Protectorate Museum



  • In a bedroom 50's fashion-like, a woman is taking care of a lied wounded man with a bandage all around his eyes. She removes carefully the bandage, revealing Daniel Jackson. Jackson, whose face still has traces of wounds, eventually open his eyes, focusing on his caretaker, Leda.
  • When Leda tells Daniel that he is in a house that belonged to her uncle miles away from the city, he remember that many people died may be because of them. Leda reassures him and says that to see him alive is quite a miracle.

Act 1

  • Three months earlier, inside a museum, a guide is making a tour of all the artefacts found during archeological diggings, and ends on the masterpiece found in the Kirellian wastelands 150 years ago, the Great Ring of Avidan, which is revealed to be a Stargate.
  • While they go outside to see the ring in a closer view, the guide tells them that, according to the local researchers, it is several thousand years old at least, and may be built by the ancients inhabitants to honour their gods.
  • As he continues to describe the artefact, the Stargate activates, much to their very surprise. After the kawoosh, an Earthling MALP exites the wormhole. The two guards present here aim their guns and start to check the vehicle.
  • Later, a welcome comity replaces the museum's visitors. The Stargate is open and Lieutenant Colonel Carter, Teal'c and Doctor Daniel Jackson come out the gate. They are welcomed in the name of the people of the Rand Protectorate by Commander Gareth. Carter apologises about the tourists as for her, this is the first time they travel through a "museum piece".
  • Gareth wonders about the purpose of the Stargate, and Jared Kane, Gareth's chief aide, wonders about the fact that their visitors are human, like them. Jackson and Carter tell them that they will explain later the reason they are human. Jackson notices the impact of the "Great Ring" in the local culture. Kane tells them that in old times, powerful gods were master and they think that the ring was their source of power. Yet, even if according to Gareth, these are legends, some people who follow the old ways may see SG-1's arrival concuring their beliefs.

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4


  • On Tegalus, the Stargate is called the "Great Ring of Avidan", and is part of a mythology.


Answered questions

Non-answered questions

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Position Goof type Description
0:03:34 Inconsistency When the Stargate is activated at the moment of the arrival of SG-1 on Tegalus, the Glyph representing Earth is visible at the lower right of the gate. As this symbol is Earth's point of origin, it shouldn't be present on the Tegalan gate.


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