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For other uses, see McKay and Miller.
"McKay and Mrs. Miller"
An episode from Stargate Atlantis
McKay and Mrs. Miller.jpg
Rodney McKay and his sister, Jeannie Miller.
Episode Nb Season 3
Episode 08
Directed by Martin Wood
Written by Martin Gero
Original air date (2006-09-08)  USA: September 8, 2006
(2006-12-06)  UK: December 6, 2006
Guest starring
Episode chronology
Précédent "Common Ground" "Phantoms" Suivant
Episode title card
Rodney McKay is reunited with his estranged sister back on Earth, who has given up a brilliant career as a scientist to raise a family.
"McKay and Mrs. Miller" is the 8th episode of Stargate Atlantis Season 3.


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