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  | music            =  
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  | production      =  
  | air date        = {{First airing USA|2002|10|26}}
  | air date        = {{First airing USA|2002|10|26|1}}
  | length          = 20'26"
  | length          = 20'26"
  | guests          =  
  | guests          =  

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An episode from Stargate Infinity
Episode Nb Season 1
Episode 07
Original air date (2002-10-26)  USA: October 26, 2002
Length 20'26"
Episode chronology
Précédent "Hot Water" "Can I Keep It?" Suivant
Episode title card
Driven by her arachnophobia, Stacey assaults a spider-like creature from a race which turns out to be both sentient and peaceful. Now, with the victim getting weaker with each minute, Stacey must stand trial for her actions. She must also overcome her fear of spiders, since they just became allies in the battle with the Tlak'kahn.
"Phobia" is the 7th episode of Stargate Infinity Season 1.


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