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"The Return", Part 2
An episode from Stargate Atlantis
The Return, Part 2.jpg
Jack O'Neill is "checked" by the Asurans.
Episode Nb Season 3
Episode 11
Directed by Brad Turner
Written by Martin Gero
Original air date (2007-01-10)  UK: January 10, 2007
(2007-04-13)  USA: April 13, 2007
Length 43'31"
Guest starring
Episode chronology
Précédent "The Return", Part 1 "Echoes" Suivant
Episode title card
The Atlantis team goes against orders to try and save Atlantis from Replicator control — and to rescue General O'Neill and Richard Woolsey, who are trapped in the occupied city.
"The Return", Part 2 is the 11th episode of Stargate Atlantis Season 3.
This episode is part 2 of 2. It is preceded by "The Return", Part 1.


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