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== Notes ==
== Notes ==
* "Us and Them" is placed on 15th position in the [[Stargate Infinity - Volume 1 (zone 2)|Zone 2 DVD set]], after {{ep|Reality}} and before {{ep|The Face of Evil}}.

== References ==
== References ==

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"Us and Them"
An episode from Stargate Infinity
Stargate Infinity logo.jpg
Episode Nb Season 1
Episode 16
Original air date (2003-01-13)  USA: January 13, 2003
Length 20'26"
Episode chronology
Précédent "Museum" "The Face of Evil" Suivant
Episode title card
Draga becomes involved with the winged Otsorok (a race of creatures that resemble her). Draga is delighted to be among others like herself.
"Us and Them" is the 16th episode of Stargate Infinity Season 1.


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Act 2

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Act 4



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