First Abydos mission

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First Abydos mission
Event type Battle
Date 1995
* Tau'ri Goa'uld Empire
Commanders and leaders
Colonel Jack O'Neill (Tau'ri)
Kasuf (Abydonians)
Units involved
First Abydos recon team
Ra's mothership

2 death gliders

Several Horus guards
Casualties and losses

Several Abydonians including:

Entire Force including:
  • Ra
  • Anubis
  • Horus
  • Out of Stargate universe information
    First appearance Stargate

    The First Abydos mission was a recon mission led by Colonel Jack O'Neill on planet Abydos in 1995. It became a battle when Ra's mothership landed on the planet. The outcome of this mission resulted in the death of Ra, the freedom of the Abydonians, and the beginning of the Earth-Goa'uld War.