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File:Mastadge in Stargate.jpg
Bio-graphical information
Species Animal
Origin Abydos
Distinction Domestic animal
Sharp nosed
Political information
Status Extinct
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance Stargate

The mastage was a vegetarian domestic animal living on Abydos.


This species has a size like a camel, and is able to run at large speed, as well as carrying heavy weights. It has been domesticated by the Abydonians.


Detailled evolution


Behind the scenes

  • The voice of the mastadge has been performed by Frank Welker.
  • When Daniel Jackson is dragged by the mastadge, it was actually a dog with a miniature mastadge costume who has been used to run and drag a puppet looking like James Spader. For the full scale version, horses were used with skeletons and hairs.[1]

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