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Biographical information
Planet of origin P3X-797
Race People of P3X-797
Species Human
Information about family
Parent Tuplo (father)
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Roxana Phillip
First appearance "The Broca Divide"

Melosha is a female human part of the People of P3X-797, and daughter of High Counselor Tuplo. In 1997, she has been touched by the desease called Heelk'sha, and left behind in the Land of Darkness by her pairs until she was cured thanks to a treatment found by Dr. Janet Fraiser.


Character's evolution

"The Broca Divide" (1997)

After being attacked by a group of primitives, Captain Carter notices that a young girl looks more human for her. As she was about to be raped by the others, a group of people wearing white clothes trow stones to scare the primitives.

Later in the Minoan-style temple, High Chancelor Tuplo introduces her as his daughter Melosha and tells SG-1 that she has been kidnapped by the Touched and they'll have to wait if she has been "cursed" by them by putting her in the isolation circle.

Later, when Teal'c and Daniel Jackson come back on P3X-797, they find Melosha lying down in the Land of Darkness. She has been afflicted and now looks like the primitives. Jackson doesn't want to let her down and takes her in his arms, yet he is surrounded and overwhelmed by the primitives who capture him. Teal'c later meet Tuplo who tells him that for him, her daughter is dead as she is among the Touched.

Captain Carter and Colonel O'Neill manage to innoculate a cure to Jackson and Melosha. And later, after explaining what's going on, Carter and O'Neill invite Tuplo and his folks to discover that Melosha has been cured and is herself again. When she sees her father, Melosha runs to him and hugs him. The two of them kneel before O'Neill to give thanks. O'Neill rises them, telling Tuplo that they will help him to cure the rest of the Touched.


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