Senior cop (Cold Lazarus)

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Senior cop
A character from Stargate SG-1
Biographical information
Planet of origin Earth
Nationality American
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Status Alive (in 1997)
Socio-political information
Occupation Police officer
Rank Officer
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Marc Baur
First appearance "Cold Lazarus"

The Senior cop helped preparing the place for SG-1 in 1997.

Character's evolution

"Cold Lazarus" (1997)

The Senior cop is managing the evacuation of the hospital after the Unity version of Jack O'Neill started to collapse. He orders the news van to leave the place and warns the hospital administrator to be ready to shut down the electrical power when Colonel O'Neill's team is ready to intervene.


  • This character is credited as "Senior Cop". He has an identification badge on his shirt, yet its name is not visible.