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This template is used to count any category of characters


{{Character line| series = | type = | season = | start = }}


All parameters has to be used in lowercase.

Parameter Mandatory Description Default value
series Yes Determines the series or the movie where the characters belong. Available values: 1
type Yes Determine the type of character of a series or a movie
  • Ma, ma, main or Main: Main characters (available for movies and series)
  • Su, su, supporting, Supporting: Supporting characters (available only for movies)
  • re, Re, recurring or Recurring: Recurring characters (available only for series)
  • os, Os, one shot or One shot: "One shot" characters (available only for series)
  • mi, Mi, minor, Minor or #default: Minor characters (available for movies and series)
  • me, Me, mentionned or Mentionned: Mentionned only characters (available for movies and series)
season No If used, it will count the number of characters only for a season; if not it will count the number of characters for a series. Available only for series.
start No Makes an offset for the line. It must be a multiple of 5. A maximum of five character will appear on the line. 0


{{Character line | series = movie | type = mi | season = | start = 0}}

will give :