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Biographical information
Planet of origin Abydos
Death 2002
Abydos (ascended by Oma Desala[1])
Race Abydonian
Species Human
Socio-political information
Allegiance Abydonians
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Sean Amsing
First appearance "Children of the Gods"

Tobay was a young Abydonian. He died on 2002 when Anubis destroyed Abydos. He has been ascended[1] by Oma Desala.

Character's evolution

"Children of the Gods" (1997)

On Abydos, after Sha're and Skaara beeing abucted by Serpent Guards who made several casualties among Abydonians, Doctor Daniel Jackson is urged to come back with SG-1 in order to schedule a plan to find them. Daniel gathers all the Abydonians and among them is Tobay, who acts like his fellow Abydonians' spokesman. When Daniel says that they have to put a big coverstone to avoid gate travel after they leave because nothing good can come out of the Chappa'ai, Tobay replies that Daniel came through the Stargate, Daniel asks them to warn Sha're's father that he will come back in one Abydonian year, with or without Sha're. But if he doesn't come back, they will have to bury the gate for ever. Everybody included Tobay come around Daniel to hug him or at least touch him.

They Daniel and SG-1 leave the Abydos pyramid to Stargate Command.

"Full Circle" (2002)

When SG-1 arrive on Abydos, Skaara and Tobay welcome them. Tobay says that they are ready to do whatever they ask. Colonel Jack O'Neill appreciates that. They lead to a room who is at the other side of the catacombs.

Later, on the defense line with Teal'c, Tobay is talking with Teal'c about Daniel Jackson. After he said he was a friend of Daniel, Teal'c states to Tobay that Daniel is not a god, and he doesn't know anything about his potential power. Tobay replies that he will fight in his name and even die if necessary, for, according to Skaara, Daniel will protect them. Teal'c tells him that nothing is sure regarding the promise, and if he is not ready to die, he shouldn't be here because at the same time, an Al'kesh and several death gliders are coming to them.

When Anubis destroys the planet, Tobay, as well as his fellow Abydonians, die yet they are ascended by Oma Desala.[1]

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  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 In the end of "Full Circle", Jack O'Neill asks Skaara if Oma Desala did that to all of them. Skaara doesn't reply yet doesn't deny either. The fact that Tobay is ascended is logical deduction.