Transcript:Children of the Gods

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Five airmen are sitting on duty around a table at the bottom of the ramp, playing poker.
Airman 1 Oh man, this hand's as lousy as this detail. All right, everybody, ante up. (looking to female airman) That's you too. (he deals) Seven to the deuce,… nothing there. Boss and the eight,… nothing happening. Queen to the king,… possible straight going there. Eight on the eight, and the jack gets a boss. Eights open.
Female airman Aren't you guys afraid of an officer coming down here or something?
Airman 2 Trust me, nobody ever comes down here but us.
Female airman (looking to the slightly billowing Stargate cover) Does that thing always do that?
Airman 1 Do what?
Female airman Whatever it is under the tarp, I just…saw it move or do something.
Airman 2 Probably the only thing it ever did was cost money.
Airman 1 Yeah, and it looks like they ran out of that. They've been shipping personnel out of here for months.
Female airman (seeing tarp move again) I'm telling you, the thing is moving!
Airman 2 If you don't have the straight, just fold.
She gets up from her seat and makes towards the covered item.
Airman 1 (agitated) Can we take that as a fold?
Airman 2 Just finish the hand, she's out.
The female airman approaches the tarp and starts up the ramp. It starts shaking suddenly, they hear a rumbling sound, and she backs away down the ramp as it shakes along with the table where the other airmen are seated. The four airmen jump to their feet, hands to their guns.
Airman 3 What the…?
The tarp flies from the device and reveals the Stargate spinning and active.
Airman 3 Whoa!
Female airman I take it this has never happened before?
Airman 2 goes to the red phone on the wall as the other stand ready at the base of the ramp. The Stargate activates—the kawhoosh expands outwards and, he drops the phone. The others fall to the ground as the event horizon billows out towards them. Airman 1 passes out guns, and they ready them, standing and waiting in front of the Stargate. The female airman starts up the ramp.
Airman 1 What are you doing?
As she reaches the Stargate, a ball drops through it to her feet, glows, and seems to scan her bodily. It falls still, and she bends down to touch it.
Airman 3 What are you doing?
Airman 1 Don't touch it!
She picks it up, looking back to them in confusion. Then a serpent guard steps through the wormhole right on top of her, taking a hold of her round the neck and taking her gun. The other airmen aim their guns.
Airman 1 Hold your fire!
More serpent guards come through the Stargate.
Airman 1 Identi…Hold it…Identify yourself!
The last figure steps through the Stargate, his armour made of gold. He stands in front of his seven guards and reveals his face—a human face.
Apophis (in distorded voice) Jaffa! Kree!
The guard holding the female airman reveals his face, and Apophis turns to him.
Apophis Teal'c! Kree!
Teal'c studies the female airman's gun, then drops it and passes the woman roughly to Apophis.
Female Airman Get your hands off me!
Apophis brings his hand up and a device emits a glow that latches on to her face, she becomes calm.
Airman 1 (yelling) Let her go!
One of the serpent guards fires with his staff weapon, and a fire fight ensues. Teal'c covers the female airman with his body as the bullets bounce off the Goa'uld armour. Apophis sees one of his guards go down. One of the airmen is hit, and he crashes on the card table.
Apophis Kree jai'a, Jaffa!
He waves them back.
Airman 2 (over the phone) We're under fire down here. We need…
He is hit by a staff blast and goes down. Airmen 1 continues firing until he too is finally struck. The base alarms have started sounding.
Apophis Tyger. A-lada spryng.
He looks towards the Stargate.


Airmen are running to the gate room.
SF Go, go!
The Mountain doors close.


General Hammond and the airmen stream in and take position. All but Apophis, the female airman and two of his guards are gone. One picks up the scanning device. The airmen cock their guns.
Hammond Hold your fire!
Apophis's eyes glow, his helmet goes up, and they retreat through the Stargate. The wormhole dissipates. Hammond starts up the ramp and stays in front of the Stargate, shocked.




Major Samuels gets out of his car and walks towards the house, he knocks on the door. An airman accompanying him moves round to the side of the house.
Airman Sir, there's a ladder over here.
They climb up to where O'Neill has his eye to a telescope pointing to the sky.
Samuels Colonel Jack O'Neill?
O'Neill (not looking at him) Retired.
Samuels I'm Major Samuels.
O'Neill Air Force?
Samuels Yes, sir, I'm the General's Executive Officer.
O'Neill Want a little piece of advice, Major? Get re-assed to NASA. That's where all the action's gonna be. Out there.
O'Neill continues looking at a galaxy formation through the telescope.
Samuels I'm uh, I'm under orders to bring you to see General Hammond, sir.
O'Neill Never heard of him.
Samuels He replaced General West. He says it's important. Has to do with the Stargate.
O'Neill finally looks around, interested.


A car enters the base.


O'Neill, dressed in casual clothes, is accompanied by an officer down to Sublevel 11. They walk down the corridor.
Intercom Tag team number nine to Sublevel Two, Vent Shaft Twenty-Four.
O'Neill signs in at the desk, and they head for a second elevator.
Officer We have to take a second elevator the rest of the way, sir, it's a long way down.
O'Neill (entering the elevator) Yeah I know. I've been here before.
Officer Ah, of course.
The elevator descends, and they get out. Samuels is at the end of the corridor. He motions O'Neill towards a door.
Samuels This way, Sir.
Samuels follows O'Neill, and the officer takes Samuels's position.


There are two knocks on the door.
Hammond Come.
Samuels and O'Neill enter.
Samuels General Hammond, Colonel Jack O'Neill.
O'Neill Retired.
Hammond I can see that. Me, I'm on my last tour. Time to start getting my thoughts together, maybe write a book. You ever think of writing a book on your exploits in the line of duty?
O'Neill I've thought about it, but then I'd have to shoot anyone that actually read it.
(getting no response) That's a joke, sir. Most of my work the last ten years was classified.
Hammond Yes, of course.
O'Neill Major Samuels mentioned something about the Stargate?
Hammond Down to business, I can do that.
(standing) This way.
They all leave the office.


A doctor pulls back a sheet from dead Jaffa's face.
Hammond Anyone you know, Colonel?
Doctor They're not human.
O'Neill Ya think?
Doctor Best we can tell, these slits are actually a pouch, similar to that found in a marsupial.
Samuels Like a kangaroo.
Doctor We haven't done an autopsy yet.
Hammond These people—or aliens—or whatever you want to call them…came through…killed four of my people and kidnapped another using advanced weapons.
O'Neill Weapons, sir?
An airman brings forwards a staff weapon and Hammond hands it to O'Neill.
Samuels We can't figure out how they operate.
With confidence, O'Neill activates and then deactivates the weapon.
Hammond Seen one before, I take it?
O'Neill Yes, sir.
(hands the weapon back) But there are no creatures like this on Abydos. Those people were human. They were from Earth. Ra brought 'em there thousands of years ago.
Hammond I know all about that. But your report said this Ra was in fact some kind of alien that lived inside a human body.
O'Neill Yeah, his eyes glowed. That was our first clue.
Hammond Are you sure he's dead, Colonel?
O'Neill Unless he could survive a tactical nuclear warhead blowing up in his face, I'm positive. Why?
Hammond These "people", or whatever they are, were guarding another man who retreated back through the Stargate. I got a good look at his eyes, Colonel. They glowed.
O'Neill looks shocked.


Hammond, O'Neill and Samuels are walking.
Hammond How do you feel about the Stargate mission after all this time, Colonel?
O'Neill How do you mean?
Hammond Well, it's been over a year. Has your perspective changed?
O'Neill Well, sir I…
O'Neill's voice trails off as he notes Ferretti and Kawalsky being led through another door.


O'Neill Was that…?
Hammond Kawalsky and Ferretti yes, they were under your command on the first Stargate mission. Tell me about Daniel Jackson, Colonel.
Through the window in Hammond's office, O'Neill watches Kawalsky and Ferretti in the briefing room.
O'Neill Why are they questioning my men?
Hammond They're not your men anymore, Colonel—you retired. Daniel Jackson?
O'Neill You read the report?
Hammond Yes.
O'Neill It's all there.
Samuels Is it?
O'Neill What's this all about, General?
Hammond You didn't like Daniel Jackson, did you?
O'Neill Daniel was a scientist. He sneezed a lot. Basically he was a geek, sir.
Samuels So you didn't have a lot of time for him.
O'Neill I didn't say that. He also saved my life and found the way home for my men and me—a little thing like that kinda makes a person grow on ya. Know what I mean?
Hammond According to the mission brief, your orders were to go through the Stargate, detect any possible threat to earth, and, if found, to detonate a nuclear device and destroy the 'gate on the other side.
O'Neill Yes.
Samuels But that's not what you did, is it?
O'Neill Not right away. Ra's forces overpowered my team and took the weapon before I could arm it.
Samuels But with Doctor Jackson's help you eventually regained control and did in fact detonate the weapon. Yes?
O'Neill Yes.
Hammond To the best of your knowledge, Daniel Jackson and everyone else you knew on Abydos is dead, correct?
O'Neill (pausing slightly) That's correct.
Hammond Good.
(standing) Then you won't mind if I authorize a go ahead on our plan.

They leave the office.

Hammond This quartz material the Stargates are made of—it must be tough stuff if it can withstand a Mark III.
O'Neill Well, we sent a robot probe through after we got back, sir. It was flattened on the other end. Obviously, the Abydos Stargate had been buried in the rubble.
They enter the gate room.
Hammond Well, somehow it got unburied.

There is a bomb being prepped at the bottom of the Stargate ramp.

O'Neill Oh my God. You're sending another bomb?
Hammond Mark V this time. If these creatures did reopen the Abydos Gate, we intend to reseal it for good.
O'Neill General, you can't do that.
Hammond Countdown's already started…Unless you have something to add.
O'Neill (after a long pause) General Hammond? Sir? I regret to inform you that my report was not entirely accurate.
Hammond You didn't detonate the bomb.
O'Neill No, I did detonate the bomb, sir, and it was aboard Ra's spacecraft, so it did kill him and eliminate the risk to Earth.
Samuels However?
O'Neill However…Ra's ship was in orbit above the planet at the time. Neither the 'gate nor anything else on the planet was destroyed. Daniel Jackson is alive and living with the people on Abydos.
Hammond You violated direct orders! Why?
O'Neill Because the people of Abydos are no threat to us! They deserve to be left alone.
Hammond That's not up to you!
O'Neill With all due respect, sir—if I'd come back here and reported the 'gate on the other side was still intact, we would have sent another bomb, just like you were about to. It wasn't necessary to let those people die. The threat from Ra was gone.
Samuels What about the probe we sent through? It was crushed instantly.
O'Neill After we came home, Daniel buried the 'gate in rocks, making my return or anybody else's impossible.
Hammond Well, those four bodies lying in the infirmary say otherwise, Airman.
O'Neill sighs. Hammond studies him for a moment, then turns to the bomb technicians.
Hammond We'll send the bomb through on schedule.
O'Neill General, you can't do that!
Hammond Oh, I can't?
O'Neill There are innocent people on that planet!
Hammond There are innocent people here! I have my orders too, Colonel. I obey mine. Take Colonel O'Neill to the holding room. Let's give him some time to think about things while I decide what to do with him.
Samuels (to guards in room) Sergeant…
After Hammond and Samuels leave, two airmen flank O'Neill. He walks off between them.



O'Neill is led inside and the door is shut. Kawalsky rises from one of the bunks and salutes crisply.

Kawalsky Colonel O'Neill, sir.
O'Neill I'm retired, Kawalsky. Lose the salute.
Kawalsky drops his hand and shakes O'Neill's hand, smiling.
Kawalsky Me and Ferretti didn't tell them anything.
O'Neill I appreciate that.
Kawalsky Hey those kids on Abydos saved my life too.
O'Neill Yeah, the kids.
They sit at a table and chairs.
Kawalsky They're the whole reason they kept the secret, right?
O'Neill Yeah.
O'Neill pats Kawalsky reassuringly on the arm.
Kawalsky That one kid idolized you, remember him? Weird name…what was it?
O'Neill Skaara.
Kawalsky Right. Remember how he was always saluting you?
O'Neill Yeah, my kid used to do that when he was little. Skaara kinda reminded me of him.
Kawalsky Oh man, Colonel, you and me went through that whole mission together. I never even knew you had a son.
O'Neill Well, he died. Just before the Abydos mission.
Kawalsky I'm sorry, sir, I had no idea.
The door opens, and they stand as Hammond walks in.
Hammond How many people did you say are on Abydos?
O'Neill That we saw? Maybe five thousand.
Hammond looks down, deep in thought. Kawalsky and O'Neill exchange looks.
O'Neill Does this mean you're reconsidering sending the bomb, sir?
Hammond It means I'm open to suggestions.
O'Neill General, let me take a team through that 'gate. We'll find out who those aliens are. Kawalsky and I have been there before. We know the lay of the land. We know the people.
Hammond You think you do. Daniel could be dead. You don't know what you'd be walking into.
O'Neill Sir, there is one way to find out.
Hammond Right. We'll have the prototype probe shipped from MIT.
O'Neill General, we don't need that probe.
Kawalsky We don't?
O'Neill No.
(grabs the tissue box from the table) This'll do.
He leaves the holding room, and Kawalsky and Hammond follow.


Airmen surround the 'gate, guns ready as the Stargate dials.

Technician (over intercom) Chevron Four encoded!
O'Neill, Hammond, Samuels and Kawalsky are in the control room. O'Neill still holds the tissue box in his hands.
Hammond Care to explain this concept?
Technician Chevron Five encoded.
O'Neill Jackson has allergies.
Kawalsky (grinning suddenly) Oh, I get it.
O'Neill He'll know this came from me and not from someone, with all due respect, sir, like yourself.
Scientist Optimum level.
Technician Chevron Six encoded.
O'Neill leaves the control room for the gate room.
Technician Chevron Seven, locked.

The Stargate activates, and O'Neill walks up to it and tosses the tissue box through.


Technician The, um, object should reach final destination in five seconds, four, three, two, one.
The Stargate deactivates.
Technician The object should now be through the Abydos Stargate.
Hammond Now what?
O'Neill (reentering the control room) Now we wait. If Daniel's still around, he'll know what the message means.
Samuels What if the aliens get it?
O'Neill Well, they could be blowing their noses right now.
Samuels They could be planning an attack!
O'Neill Aw, come on, Samuels, let me be the cynic around here, okay?
(to Hammond) Sir, this could take some time.
They leave the control room.


They are all waiting when the Stargate rumbles to life.


Hammond, Samuels, Kawalsky and O'Neill enter and watch as the tissue box flies back through the Stargate, and the 'gate event horizon dissipates. O'Neill picks up the box, and smiles. He hands it to Samuels, and he and Hammond see that written on its side are the words: "THANKS, SEND MORE."

O'Neill Permission to take a team through the Stargate, sir?
Hammond Assuming I get the President's authorization. The mission briefing will be at 0800 hours. Consider yourself recalled to active duty, Colonel.
O'Neill and Samuels leave. O'Neill and Kawalsky smile and shake hands before following.


Hammond straightens some papers on his desk, then moves to the briefing room.


Hammond enters the room. Samuels, Kawalsky, Ferretti, and O'Neill, all in class A uniform, are already there along with other officers.

Samuels Ten hut!
The occupants, including O'Neill, salute.
Hammond Gentlemen, take your seats.
Seven occupants of the room sit at the table, O'Neill remains standing by his chair.
Hammond Where's Captain Carter?
Samuels Just arriving, sir.
O'Neill Carter?
Hammond I'm assigning Sam Carter to this mission.
O'Neill I'd prefer to put together my own team, sir.
Hammond Not on this mission, sorry. Carter's our expert on the Stargate.
O'Neill Where's he transferring from?
Carter She is transferring from the Pentagon.
Carter enters the room, and moves to her seat at the table.
Carter I take it you're Colonel O'Neill.
(she salutes) Captain Samantha Carter reporting, sir.
O'Neill salutes back.
Kawalsky (smirking) But of course you go by "Sam".
Carter (returning his expression) You don't have to worry, Major. I played with dolls when I was a kid.
Kawalsky G.I. Joe?
Carter No, Major Matt Mason.
Kawalsky Oh…
(to Ferretti) Who?
Ferretti Major Matt Mason, astronaut doll. Did you have that cool little backpack that made him fly?
Hammond Let's get started. Colonel?
O'Neill Thank you.
(Carter sits) Those of you on your first trip through the 'gate, you should be prepared for what to expect.
Carter I've practically memorized your report from the first mission. I'd like to think I've been preparing for this my whole life.
Kawalsky I think what the Colonel is saying is, have you ever pulled out of a simulated bombing run in an F-16 at 8-plus G's?
Carter Yes.
Kawalsky (surprised) Well, it's way worse than that.
Ferretti By the time you get to the other side, you're frozen stiff, like you've just been through a blizzard, naked.
He and Kawalsky grin at each other.
Carter That's a result of the compression your molecules undergo during the millisecond required for reconstitution.
O'Neill Oh, here we go. Another scientist. General, please.
Carter Theoretical astrophysicist.
O'Neill Which means?
Hammond Which means she is smarter than you are, Colonel. Especially in matters related to the Stargate.
Kawalsky and Ferretti are sniggering, O'Neill looks over to them, and they stop abruptly.
Carter Colonel, I was studying the 'gate technology for two years before Daniel Jackson made it work and before you both went through. I should have gone through then. But, sir, you and your men might as well accept the fact that I am going through this time.
O'Neill Well with all due respect, Doctor, I…
Carter It is appropriate to refer to a person by their rank, not their salutation. You should call me "captain", not "doctor".
Hammond Captain Carter's assignment to this unit is not an option, it's an order.
Carter I'm an Air Force officer just like you are, Colonel, and just because my reproductive organs are on the inside instead of the outside, doesn't mean I can't handle whatever you can handle.
O'Neill (smiling and sitting) Oh, this has nothing to do with you being a woman. I like women. I just have a little problem with scientists.
Carter Colonel, I logged over a hundred hours in enemy airspace during the Gulf War. Is that tough enough for you? Or are we going to have to arm wrestle?
O'Neill raises his eyebrows in amusement.
Samuels I hate to throw a damper on your enthusiasm, but I still say the safest, most logical way to deal with this is to bury the Stargate, just like the ancient Egyptians did, and make it impossible for the aliens to return. It's the only way to eliminate the threat.
O'Neill Except it won't work.
Hammond It worked before.
O'Neill They know what we are now. They know how far we've come. We're a threat to them. They've got ships, General. Ra had one as big as the great pyramids. They don't need the Stargate to get here. They can do it the old fashioned way. Now with all due respect to Mister Glass-is-half-empty over here, don't you think maybe we should use the Stargate to do a little reconnaissance before they decide to come back…again?
Hammond I'll give you exactly twenty-four hours to either return or send a message through. No Kleenex boxes please. Otherwise, we'll assume the worst and send a bomb through.
O'Neill Understood.

The Stargate activates. The Colonel, his team, and Hammond enter the room.

Hammond Try to follow orders this time, Colonel.
O'Neill Sir?
Hammond This time you bring Daniel Jackson back. Is that clear?
O'Neill Yes, sir.
They salute.
O'Neill Move out.
His team walks through the Stargate, leaving Carter and O'Neill at the base of the ramp.
O'Neill Captain?
Carter Oh, don't worry, Colonel. I won't let you down.
O'Neill Good. I was going to say "ladies first."
They walk to the event horizon.
Carter You know, you really will like me when you get to know me.
O'Neill Oh, I adore you already, Captain.
Carter (staring at the even horizon up close) My God. Look at this! I mean, the energy the 'gate must release to create a stable wormhole is…it's astronomical to use exactly the right word!
(She touches it, and it ripples.) You can actually see the fluctuation in the event horizon!
O'Neill shoves her through the 'gate, then walks through after her.



O'Neill emerges through the 'gate, and it dissipates behind him. His team are there getting ready. He approaches Carter, who is hunched over.

Carter Ugh. I think I'm going to be sick, ugh.
O'Neill Maybe you shouldn't have had that big lunch, huh?
They all move out into the apparently empty room when suddenly natives emerge from the shadows and point guns at them. They cock their own guns—at a stand off. Then Daniel pops up.
Daniel Cha'hali! Cha'hali. Lower your guns.
The natives lower their weapons and relax.
Daniel Hello, Jack. Welcome back.
O'Neill walks towards him and then barges past to get to Skaara who stands behind him. Skaara salutes, and O'Neill returns it with a smile, then they hug with a laugh.
O'Neill Skaara!
Skaara O'Neill! I did not think to be seeing you again!
O'Neill (turns to Daniel) Daniel, how you doing?
Daniel Uh, good, you?
O'Neill Much better, now that I see everyone's okay.
Ferretti (making the "live long and prosper" sign) Greetings from Earth, Doctor Jackson.
Daniel (smiling) Hello, Ferretti.
Kawalsky Brought you a little something, Daniel.
He hands Daniel a pocket pack of tissues.
Daniel Kawalsky.
Sha're emerges slightly at the side of the room. Daniel beckons to her.
Daniel Sha're, don't be shy.
She joins him, and they stand together.
O'Neill Hi.
(he holds out a hand to her) Good to see you again.
They shake hands.
Daniel So, I figure it was only a matter of time before you had to tell the truth about us still being here.
O'Neill Yep. Why the militia? Has something else come through?
Daniel No, just taking precautions, why?
Carter interrupts unwittingly, studying the DHD.
Carter Amazing. This is what was missing from the dig at Giza. This is how they controlled it! It took us fifteen years and three supercomputers to MacGyver a system on Earth.
[Daniel gives O'Neill a questioning look. O'Neill shrugs.
O'Neill (to Carter) Captain?
Carter (oblivious) Look how small it is!
O'Neill Captain!
She finally turns around. He gestures to Daniel.
Carter Oh right, excuse me. Doctor Jackson, I presume. I'm Doctor Samantha Carter.
Carter and Daniel shake hands.
O'Neill I thought you wanted to be called "captain"?
Daniel What's going on, Jack?
O'Neill Six hostile aliens came through the Stargate on Earth. Four people are dead, one's missing.
Kawalsky One of them looked like Ra, Daniel.
Daniel Well, they didn't come from here. I mean the boys take shifts guarding it 36 hours a day, every day. We'd know if they came through here.
O'Neill Well they came from somewhere, Daniel. I'm gonna have to look around.
Daniel All right. I think I can help you find out who it was, but, uh, it's going to have to wait until this sandstorm is over. Uh, we were about to have our evening meal. Why don't you join us?

O'Neill, his team, Daniel and many Abydonians are gathered in a circle on the floor, eating.

Daniel Benna wah. Everybody try this.
Skaara This too.
He hands out bowls of liquid, one to O'Neill.
O'Neill What's this?
Skaara Drink.
He hands him a bowl. O'Neill sniffs it.
O'Neill Moonshine?
Skaara Moon…shine?
O'Neill Yeah, moonshine, as in booze, er…Daniel, what are you teaching these kids?
Skaara (smiling) Try it.
O'Neill All right. Skaara's moonshine. I'll give it a little shot.
(he drinks, then spits it out suddenly) Oh…God!
Everyone laughs.
O'Neill (rasps) Smooth, very smooth.
Skaara Moonshine!
Kawalsky Your little soldiers are all grown up, Colonel.
O'Neill Yeah, I'm so proud. Whoa…
O'Neill hands the bowl off to Carter.
Skaara O'Neill…your lighter?
He holds out the lighter.
O'Neill No, it's yours, I gave that to you to keep. Remember?
Skaara Thank you.
He leaves.
Daniel You know he's never had that out of his sight the whole time you were gone.
O'Neill Yeah?
Daniel So this…this man who looked like Ra, he must have come through another 'gate.
Carter What other 'gate?
O'Neill Another Stargate?
Carter The Stargate only goes here.
Daniel No, no, I think you're wrong about that.
Carter I was there, we ran hundreds of permutations.
Daniel But you didn't have what you need.
O'Neill Daniel what are you talking about?
Skaara Daniel, the storm has passed.
Daniel I'll show you. Sha're, ben quar ri, Jack and his friends need to see the vili tao an.
Sha're Bonni wai?
Daniel I won't be long.
Sha're kisses him passionately, and everyone whoops and laughs, O'Neill giving him a weird look.
Sha're Goodbye, my Daniel.
Daniel (stunned) Goodbye.
Kawalsky Ferretti, hold the fort.
Ferretti Yes, sir.

Kawalsky, O'Neill, Carter and Daniel emerge into the bright desert.

Kawalsky Boy, I can't say I've missed this place.
Daniel Come on.
Carter This is just incredible.

Torches light a tunnel leading inside the pyramid.

Daniel So, I figured there had to be more to this place. So I started exploring, just the area around the town and the pyramid at first. Then after about a month, I found this place. Uh, Captain Doctor, you're going to love this.
Torches light up a big room with elaborate drawing on the walls.
Carter Oh my God. This is amazing. This is the archaeological find of the century.
O'Neill Daniel, you had a chance to translate this yet?
Daniel I think so.
O'Neill What does it say?
Daniel Well, uh, it doesn't say anything. Actually it's sort of a chart, more of a…map.
O'Neill Of?
Daniel Well I haven't been able to analyze all of it, I mean look at it. It would take my whole life.
O'Neill Well, Daniel, we don't have that long. What's it a map of?
Daniel Well, the cartouches seem to be separated clearly into groupings. Each grouping is attached to the others with a series of lines. And each grouping of glyphs contain seven symbols. So you can see where this is going, of course.
O'Neill Tell us anyway.
Daniel All of the symbols are on the Stargate in the Abydos chamber. I've also managed to chart some of them in the Abydos night sky, or at least pretty close. Jack, I think that this is a map of a vast network of Stargates—Stargates that are…are all over the galaxy.
Carter Uh, I don't think that can be, Doctor.
Daniel Why not?
Carter Well, because after Colonel O'Neill and his team came back, my team tried hundreds of symbol permutations using Earth as the point of origin, and it never worked.
Daniel I tried the same here, and it didn't work either. But I figured the destinations I tried were either destroyed or buried. But, um, I mean some of them somewhere must still exist.
Carter I don't think so.
Daniel Then where did your Ra lookalike come from?
Carter Uh…
Daniel Look I don't pretend to know anything about astrophysics but couldn't the planets change? I mean, uh, drift apart or something like that, to throw this map off?
Carter I knew I'd like you.
Daniel You mean I'm right?
Carter According to the expanding universe model ,all bodies in the universe are constantly moving further apart…
Daniel So in the thousands of years since the Stargate was built…
Carter All the coordinates could have changed.
Daniel But why does it still work between Abydos and Earth?
Carter Abydos is probably the closest planet in the network to Earth. I mean the closer they are, the less the difference in relative position due to expansion—the further away, the greater the difference. In a few thousand more years, it won't work between Earth and Abydos either.
Daniel Unless you can adjust for the displacement.
Carter Right, now with this map as a base, that should be easy. All we have to do is correct for Doppler's Shift. Then I should be able to arrive at a computer model that can predict the adjustments necessary to get the 'gate working again.
Kawalsky and O'Neill exchange looks.
Kawalsky Okay, so what did we just figure out?
Carter Any civilization advanced enough to build this 'gate network would be able to compensate for 50,000 years of stellar drift.
O'Neill So…the Stargate can go other places?
Carter The aliens could have come from anywhere.

The Abydonians are talking and laughing with the team and Ferretti. They watch Sha're walk past them.

Ferretti Man, you got to give Daniel credit. She is one beautiful woman.
They turn as the Stargate starts to dial in.
Airman We got company, boys! Move, move! Everybody take cover!
They scatter to the edges of the room, hiding behind the pillars, holding their guns ready as the Stargate opens. Goa'uld guards walk through and start firing immediately, hitting a few Abyodonians. They fire back, as do the SG team. The Goa'uld have the upper hand quickly and Apophis looks on as they shoot the SG team down. Skaara sees Sha're and fires at the Goa'uld.
Skaara Sha're, shim rota! Shim rota!
They seize her. She screams, and Skaara steps forward but finds his gun jammed. He tries to fight but is grabbed by Teal'c.
Sha're No! Skaara!
Teal'c's helmet opens to reveal his face to Skaara as he holds him. Meanwhile Sha're still fights with another guard.
Sha're No! No! Skaara!
Teal'c This is not your weapon. Where did you get it?
Skaara spits in his face. Teal'c brings him to Apophis, who lowers his helmet.
Apophis Good choice, Teal'c. A perfect specimen.
Apophis raises his hand device and knocks Skaara out with it.
Sha're No! No! Stop it! Stop it! Skaara! Skaara!
She is taken to Apophis. He studies her face.
Apophis You may be the one.
He knocks her out with the hand device. A guard dials the Stargate. Ferretti, injured and barely conscious, watches the dialling. They leave through the 'gate with Sha're and Skaara. The wormhole deactivates. Abydonians emerge as Daniel and the other return.
Daniel Sha're!
(he moves to an injured Abydonian) Bolaa…
Bolaa There's so…there's so many…
Daniel What?
Bolaa So many of them…
Daniel It's all right. Just tell me what happened.
Bolaa It was Ra…
O'Neill What's going on?
Daniel Ra is dead. Tao qua Ra.
Bolaa No…Ra. I saw…he took Sha're, he took Skaara…into the Chaapa'ai.
Daniel Where, did you see? Did you see?
Bolaa's eyes close slowly, and he dies.
Kawalsky What's going on, Daniel? Could there be another Ra?
Daniel How in the hell should I know? I should have left the barricade up. This my fault.
O'Neill (holding a hand to a fallen soldiers neck) Come on, come on.
Carter (At Ferretti's side) Colonel Ferretti needs medical attention now!
Daniel Go, help him, I can send you back.
O'Neill You're coming with us this time, Daniel. I've got orders.
Daniel (laughs) I don't care about your orders, Colonel. My wife is out there. So is Skaara.
O'Neill And the only way we're going to get 'em back is for you to come home with us. Ferretti might have seen those coordinates. Captain, do you have the video?
She holds up her camcorder.
Carter I've got everything I need.
Ferretti (weak) Too many…
Daniel looks around to his friends, some dying, some grieving.
Daniel (gesturing for them to draw near) Ni-ya. Ni-ya.
(they gather around him) After we go through the Chappa'ai, you have to bury it like we did before and then leave this place.
Tobay You come back?
Daniel No, I can't. Nobody can. That's what I'm telling you. Not for a…long time. Now as soon as we're gone, I want you to close it, bury it, put a big, heavy cover stone over it—nothing good can ever come through this 'gate. Do you understand me?
Tobay You came through, Daniel.
Daniel Do you remember the story I told you? How the ancient Egyptians back on Earth cut themselves off from Ra? Well that is exactly what you have to do. Then in one year…one year from this day you take the cover stone away. I will try to bring Sha're home with me on that day. But if I don't make it back, if I don't return then you must bury the 'gate again forever, joa qua? You tell Sha're's father—in one year.
His voice breaks, and they all hug him, saying goodbye. Then he beaks free and starts to dial out on the DHD.


The Stargate spins.
Technician (over intercom) Stand by for arrival, stand by for arrival.
The blast doors close and soldiers gather at the ramp base as the wormhole forms. The team bursts through, O'Neill and Carter dragging Ferretti, and others dragging another wounded team member. Samuels and Hammond enter.
Kawalsky Get the medic!
Samuels (into his radio) Close the iris! Close the iris!
The metal iris closes on the Stargate, and O'Neill spins round in surprise, his gun ready.
Technician (over intercom) Wormhole disengaged.
O'Neill (to Hammond) What the hell's that, sir?
Hammond That's our insurance against any more surprises. It's pure titanium, hopefully impenetrable.
He watches as the medics put Ferretti onto a stretcher.
Medic Get the gauze on him. We've got to stop the bleeding from his leg.
Hammond (to O'Neill) What happened, Colonel?
O'Neill Base camp was hit while we were on recon, sir.
Hammond Same hostiles who attacked us?
O'Neill That's a fair guess. Jackson's wife and one of our kids was kidnapped.
Hammond (puzzled) Your kids?
O'Neill From the previous mission, sir.
Daniel General, hi. I'm Daniel Jackson, we've never met, uhm, I'd like to be on the team that goes after them.
He holds out his hand to shake Hammond's. Hammond only glares at him.
Hammond You're not in any position to make demands, Jackson.
He moves up the ramp to see to the wounded.



Teal'c and guards enter a holding room full of scared humans. Teal'c points out Sha're.
Teal'c C-Chel nok, her.
Skaara Na ne!
Sha're No! No! Skaara!
Sha're is seized and Skaara stopped by staff weapons held to his head.
Teal'c Your death cannot help her.
Sha're is carried off and the guards leave.
Sha're I'm not afraid of you!
They close the doors behind them, and Skaara runs for the doors, throwing himself against them.


O'Neill, in casual civilian clothes, approaches Ferretti's bed where Kawalsky is sitting holding a coffee. He looks tired.

O'Neill Doc says he's going to make it.
Kawalsky Yes, sir.
O'Neill You going to stay here all night?
Kawalsky Yes, sir.

O'Neill walks as if to leave, and then sees Daniel, leaning against a wall, looking a little lost. Daniel now wears an air force jump suit.

O'Neill Hey.
Daniel They don't know what to do with me. And I don't know what to do with myself.
O'Neill C'mon, let's get out of here.
O'Neill walks off, and Daniel follows.


O'Neill collects two beers from the fridge, takes them to the living room where Daniel is waiting. Daniel sneezes, using his handkerchief just in time.
O'Neill Nice catch.
Daniel Thank you, sorry. 'Gate travel always seems to make my allergies…
(he blows his nose) Sorry.
He takes the beer.
O'Neill So, you were saying.
Daniel Anyway, um, as soon as you were gone, they realized they were free. I mean, Abydos was their world for the taking.
O'Neill Have a little party did ya?
Daniel Oh yeah, big, big party. They treated me like their savior, it was um…embarrassing.
O'Neill It's amazing you turned out so normal.
Daniel Well if it wasn't for Sha're I probably…
(he pauses at her memory) She was the complete opposite of everyone else.
(he sits) She practically fell on the floor laughing every time I tried to do some chore that they all took for granted. Like um, grinding yaphetta flour. I mean, have you ever tried to grind your own flour?
O'Neill I'm trying to kick the flour thing.
Daniel (laughs) This is going straight to my head.
(takes another swig of beer) What time is it anyway? I must have 'gate lag or something.
O'Neill Daniel, for crying out loud, you've had one beer. You're a cheaper date than my wife was.
Daniel Yes, when am I going to meet your wife?
O'Neill Oh, probably…uh, never. After I came back from Abydos the first time, she'd already left.
Daniel I'm sorry.
O'Neill Yeah, so was I. I think in her heart she forgave me for what happened to our kid, she just…couldn't forget.
Daniel And what about you?
O'Neill I'm the opposite, I'll never forgive myself, but sometimes I can forget. Sometimes.
He takes another swig of beer. They sit in silence.


The female airman is now dressed in a dress and veil, sitting in a room full of similarly dressed women. Sha're is also there. Teal'c and some guards enter, he points to the airman.
Teal'c You.
His guards rush forward and pull her up.
Female Airman Where are you taking me? I'm a sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. I demand to know where you're taking me! Let go!

Teal'c and the guards drag the female airman into the room.

Female Airman Let go of me! Where the hell are you taking me?
Apophis enters the room.
Apophis Come.
(They move her over to him) Lovely. Full of life.
(He hypnotizes her with his hand device.) You could be the vessel for my future queen.
She is subdued, and they remove her clothes. Apophis looks her over.
Apophis Yes. Very nice indeed. But I am not the one you must finally please.
They lay her out on the slab in the centre of the room and Apophis calls into the side of the room, behind a curtain.
Apophis Yametha, re!
A female Jaffa comes over and stands over the airman. From the Jaffa priestess's pouch. a symbiote reaches out, as if looking over the airman.
Apophis Does she please you, my love?
The symbiote retreats inside its pouch, and the priestess leaves. Apophis walks over, disappointed.
Apophis A shame.
(He reaches out and kills the soldier with his hand device.) Send another.

Hammond enters the already half-full room. Samuels announces him.

Samuels Ladies and gentlemen, General Hammond.
Hammond People, what is spoken of in this room is classified as SCI top secret. Colonel, what do we know about these hostiles that we didn't yesterday?
They all sit.
O'Neill Not a hell of a lot, General. The Abydon boys who survived the attack on the base camp thought it was Ra.
Hammond I thought he was dead, gentlemen. Which is it?
Daniel Oh he's dead, he's definitely dead, I mean uh…the bomb…he's got to be dead, right?
Hammond Then who's coming through the Stargate?
Daniel Gods.
Hammond What?
Daniel Not as in "God" god. Ra played a god, the sun god. He borrowed the religion and culture of the ancient Egyptians he brought through the 'gate and then he used it to enslave them. You see, he wanted the people of Abydos to believe he was the only one.
Carter So you're saying Ra's not the last of his race after all?
Kawalsky Maybe he's got a brother Ray!
O'Neill That's what we need.
Daniel Wait a minute. The legend goes Ra's race was dying, he survived by taking over the body of his human host, an Egyptian boy. But who's to say more of his kind couldn't do the same thing? I mean, this could have happened any time, anywhere there's a 'gate. I mean this could be happening right now.
Hammond Colonel you've had the most experience of fighting this hostile, assuming you have to defend yourself in the field, are you up to it?
O'Neill We beat 'em once.
Hammond I'll take that as a maybe. Captain Carter, you're confident that Stargate will take us where we want to go with this new information?
Carter Well, they're feeding the revised coordinates into the targeting computer right now. It'll take time to calculate but it should spit out two or three destinations a month.
Hammond People, let's not fool ourselves here. This thing is both vast and dangerous, and we are so far over our heads we can barely see daylight. We would all be much better off if the Stargate had been left in the ground.
Carter With respect, sir, we can't bury our heads in the sand. I mean think of how much we could learn, think of what we could bring back.
Hammond What you could bring back is precisely what I'm afraid of Captain. However the President of the United States happens to agree with you. In the event your theories pan out, he has ordered the formation of nine teams, whose duties will be to perform reconnaissance, determine threats and if possible to make peaceful contact with the peoples of these worlds. Now these teams will operate on a covert top secret basis. No one will know of their existence except the President and the Joint Chiefs. Colonel O'Neill?
O'Neill Sir?
Hammond Your team will be designated SG-1. The team will consist of yourself, Captain Carter…
Daniel And me?
Hammond Doctor Jackson, we need you to work as a consultant with the other SG teams from here. Your expertise in ancient cultures and languages are far too valuable…
Daniel No. Um, look I, I mean I know this is your decision but I just…I…really have to be on their team. My wife is out there, General, I need to go.
Hammond I'll take that under consideration. Major Kawalsky, you will head SG-2.
Kawalsky I will?
Hammond Colonel O'Neill keeps telling me it's about time you had a command.
Kawalsky looks over at O'Neill, who shrugs.
O'Neill I had a moment of weakness.
An airman enters and hands a note to Samuels.
Samuels Ferretti's conscious, sir.
O'Neill leaps up and leaves.
Hammond Dismissed.
They all follow.


Ferretti is sitting kind of upright, still tubed and looking rough, with a laptop on the table over his bed. Carter moves to his side.
Carter (to nurse) I'll take over now. Thanks.
O'Neill Ferretti, I know you're probably not feeling so hot, but we need something from you.
Carter looks at what he's typing on the laptop screen.
Carter Look's like he's way ahead of you, Colonel.
They watch as he calls up seven 'gate symbols.
O'Neill You saw all seven symbols? This is where they went? You sure?
Ferretti Mmm…

SG-1 and Samuels walks through the corridor, geared up for travel.

Samuels Colonel, I'd like to remind you that rescuing Doctor Daniel's wife is a secondary objective. In the even you fail to notify base camp within 24 hours, SG-2 will scrub the mission and return without you.
O'Neill Understood.
Kawalsky Not going to happen, Colonel. SG-2 won't leave without you.
Samuels All right, let's confirm transmitter codes. Remember only the right code will open the iris, and if you lose your transmitter, you cannot get home.
Carter Understood, sir.
They enter the Gate Room as the 'gate activates.
Hammond SG-1, SG-2, if you do not return in 24 hours your remote transmitter codes will be locked out, and the iris will be sealed permanently. At that point there will be no return. Is that understood?
O'Neill Yes, sir.
(He salutes and then says to his team) Let's move out.
They move up the ramp, Daniel among them.
Samuels (to Kawalsky) I kinda wish I was going with you.
Kawalsky Yeah? I'm kinda glad you're staying behind.
Airman All right, let's go, boys.
They step through, a FRED full of supplies coming with them.


They roll out of the wormhole and slowly get to their feet. They are all covered in frost.
Kawalsky Damn it, it's cold.
O'Neill Okay, people, let's get the gear out, let's move.
Daniel (sneezes) Anybody have Kleenex?

Teal'c points to where Sha're is sitting.

Teal'c You.
They seize her.
Sha're No! No!

Daniel is standing over the DHD.

Daniel Uh, it must be some kind of ceremonial place, the 'gate is…has to be an integral part of their spiritual culture. This place was built for worshippers.
O'Neill Yeah well let's just try and be out of here before the worshippees show up huh? You figure out yet how to align this 'gate to get back home?
Daniel Yeah, the device is the same as on Abydos, this symbol represents…
O'Neill You brief Kawalsky's team yet?
Daniel Yes, this symbol represents…
O'Neill Good job.
O'Neill claps Daniel on the back then walks over to Kawalsky.
Kawalsky We'll have to set up camp where there's better cover Colonel.
Casey Sirs, I found what looks like a trail on the mountain. Looks like it's seen traffic in the last couple of days.
O'Neill Thank you, Airman.
(to Carter) Carter?
Carter I've set up a line of claymores along that ridge at ten metre intervals.
O'Neill Sound about right, Kawalsky?
Kawalsky Yeah, that'll work.
Carter shoots him a disgusted look and continues laying the cable.


Sha're is brought in, fighting the guards.
Sha're No!
Apophis Come.
Sha're No! No! No!
She bites one of the guards.
(laughing) This one has spirit! {{{2}}}
He subdues her with the hand device, and they remove her clothes, placing her on the slab. The priestess comes out, and her symbiote appears from the pouch.
Apophis Does she please you, my love?
The symbiote comes out and lays on Sha're's stomach. The guards turn her over, and it enters her though the neck. She screams. Teal'c watches it all stoically.


The FRED leads the way as SG-1 and SG-2 look for a place to set up base camp.
Kawalsky This looks like a good spot right up here.
They stop.
O'Neill All right, if we're not back in 20 hours…
Kawalsky We'll come rescue your sorry asses.
O'Neill Negative, you'll go back through the 'gate with the combination Daniel just gave you before the iris is locked so you can't go back.
Kawalsky Yes, sir.
He salutes O'Neill, who returns the salute with a smile.
O'Neill Hold down the fort.
Kawalsky Pick me up a T-shirt.
SG-1 take off.
Carter So, Doctor Jackson, tell me more about Sha're. How did you meet?
Daniel Sha're, well, she's a…
O'Neill She was a gift.
Daniel She was, actually, from the elders of Abydos the first time we were there.
Carter (scandalized) And you accepted?
O'Neill Hold up.
Daniel What?
He motions for them to get to cover, and they observe a troupe of figures heading their way dressed in robes and holding staffs.
O'Neill All right Captain, take up position fifty yards…
Daniel breaks cover and jumps out in front of the figures.
O'Neill Oh for crying out loud!
Daniel (to the aliens) Hi, uhm…
O'Neill (coming out of hiding with Carter) The man has not changed.
Daniel Uh, w-w-we just came through the Stargate.
(He gets no response.) Uh, the uh, Chapaa'ai…?
Monk Chapaa'ai!
All the aliens kneel down in reverence.
Daniel Oh, please don't do that.
O'Neill Friends of yours?
Daniel Unless we want to give ourselves a bad reputation I just think we should avoid shooting the first people we meet on a new planet.
He pushes O'Neill and Carter's weapons to one side, then looks back at the aliens and they bow their heads.
Daniel Oh, please, you don't have to do this.
He lifts the leader up to his feet.
Monk Chula a lazla?
Daniel Lazla…? Choose…They want to know if we're here to choose.
(O'Neill waves a hand 'yes') Uh, sure, we…we can choose…choosing is good.
(to O'Neill) It's uh, a derivation of Arabic combined with…
O'Neill Yeah, yeah, all right whatever. Just ask 'em to take us to the nearest village or town.
Daniel (to aliens) Uh, would you take us to, uh, uhm, arush? Arush?
Monk Yah, alla. Chulak. Chulak.
He leads the way.
O'Neill Chulak, eh?
They all follow the aliens to a rise where they overlook a town.
Monk Chulak!
Daniel Chulak, s-sounds good.
O'Neill I hear it's nice this time of year.
They walk on towards the village, entering a courtyard and then into a room where people are eating and celebrating. The room falls silent as the alien announces them.
Monk Atuhara a lazla.
They are led to seats around the table on the floor. All the people are staring at them.
Carter Why are they treating us like this?
Daniel They think we're gods.
O'Neill Okay, we're gods. Now what?
Daniel I have no idea.
Someone blows an instrument emitting a low pitched note and all the people bow down low. Daniel bows down too, looking to the others.
Daniel When in Rome.
Heavy footsteps approach. SG-1 bows their heads and observe a troupe of Jaffa enter the room, then Teal'c, then Apophis and Sha're at his side.
Apophis Behold, your Queen.
He unveils Sha're.
Daniel Sha're?
He darts out towards them.
Apophis Kneel before your queen!
Daniel stops short.
Daniel Sha're, it's me.
Daniel begins to walk slowly towards his wife. Sha're's eyes glow, and Apophis lifts his hand device, using it to throw Daniel across the room against a far wall. Daniel crumples, unconscious. O'Neill raises his gun to shoot Apophis, but Sha're steps in the way. O'Neill holds fire in shock. A guard hits O'Neill over the head, knocking him out.


Samuels enters to find Hammond alone in the dark room.
Samuels You wanted to see me, sir?
Hammond Once we seal the iris, we can still get a transmission from our teams?
Samuels Yes, sir, but we couldn't be sure it's not the aliens. Or one of our own people under duress of torture. Sealing the Stargate is the best way…
Hammond How much longer do they have?
Samuels Just under two hours, sir.

Daniel lies on the floor unconscious, murmuring. Carter attempts to wake him.

Carter Daniel…Daniel…
Daniel (waking) Whoa…Sha're!
Carter Whoa, easy, you've been unconscious for hours.
Daniel No, I saw her.
Carter I know, we all did.
Daniel It was Sha're, she was…
He gets to his feet, realizing they're in a new room. O'Neill moves over to them.
O'Neill Well if there's way out of here I haven't found it yet. But look what I did find.
Skaara approaches them.
Skaara Daniel! You're okay.
Daniel I think so.
Skaara hugs Daniel. He coughs and they ease him to the floor.
O'Neill Easy big guy. Welcome back to the land of the conscious.
Skaara O'Neill told me about Sha're.
Daniel Jack, help me. We can find her again.
O'Neill Daniel…don't. If we can't find our way out of here, the mission's a bust anyway. They seal the 'gate in just over 90 minutes. C'mon, Skaara, let's find a way out of here.
A guard, Teal'c, grabs O'Neill's arm tightly.
O'Neill Ow!
Teal'c What is this?
O'Neill (in discomfort) It's a watch.
Teal'c (revealing his face) This is not Goa'uld technology. Where are you from?
O'Neill Earth. Chicago if you want to be specific.
Teal'c Your words mean nothing. Where are you from?
Daniel Uh, excuse me…
(He draws a symbol on the ground) This is where we're from.
Teal'c scrapes a line through the symbol and walks away.


Kawalsky emerges from a tent in the windy clearing and looks at the horizon.
Kawalsky Warren, let's go, rise and shine. The sun is…the suns are coming up. We're going to be all right.
Warren We can't go through another night like that, Captain.
Kawalsky Yeah, gets a little chilly on this planet at night. The colonel should've sent us a radio message by now.
Warren When do you have to make your decision, whether or not to go back through the Stargate?
Kawalsky That'll be about when hell freezes over.
Warren I think that pretty much describes our current situation.
Kawalsky We are not leaving here without the colonel, is that understood? Another fine day on Planet Kawalsky.

O'Neill is testing the strength of bars on one of the room's windows. He climbs down to rejoin Skaara. Carter is sitting with Daniel a small distance away.

Carter So Ra isn't dead after all.
Daniel No, it wasn't Ra. It was Apophis.
Carter Who?
Daniel Um, it's from Egyptian mythology. Ra was the sun god who ruled the day. Apophis was the serpent guard, Ra's rival who ruled the night. It's right out of The Book of the Dead. They're living it.
O'Neill and Skaara walk the room's perimeters.
Skaara We will save Sha're?
O'Neill I can't promise you anything at the moment…
Skaara But you are a great warrior! We defeated Ra together!
O'Neill I know, but take a look around here. Look what we're up against.
Skaara glares at O'Neill.
O'Neill We'll try.
They move over to the others as the doors open and guards march in, led by Teal'c.
Teal'c Shaka ha! Kree hol mel, Goa'uld!
O'Neill (to Skaara) What'd he say?
Skaara They're going to choose.
Carter Choose what?
Skaara Who will be the children of the gods.
A royal box is brought in, and Apophis emerges from it.
Apophis Jaffa!
He helps Sha're out from the box.
Daniel Sha're. Jack, help me please.
He surges forward but Carter and O'Neill pull him back.
O'Neill Daniel, don't, don't.
Teal'c Benna! Ya wan, ya daru! Kneel before your masters!
Guards move among the people making them kneel. O'Neill catches Teal'c's eye who gives him a look, asking him to kneel by his expression. O'Neill nods imperceptibly and kneels. Skaara does not yet.
O'Neill Skaara.
Skaara kneels. Robed Goa'uld move among the prisoners.
Teal'c Benna, ya wan ya daru! Choose!
A guards brings forth a prisoner and holds him up for the Goa'uld.
Goa'uld No.
(as the guards toss him aside, the Goa'uld moves to another) This one. We choose this one.
She is escorted away. Other Goa'uld approach where SG-1 are kneeling and Daniel leaps forward, grabbing one of them. Guards prevent O'Neill from interfering.
O'Neill Daniel!
Goa'uld (noting Daniel) This one is passionate.
Daniel How much would I remember if you chose me?
O'Neill Daniel, what are you doing?
A guards taps O'Neill with a staff weapon in warning.
Daniel (distressed) Something of the host must survive.
Teal'c shakes his head negatively. O'Neill notices.
Goa'uld We choose…him.
The Goa'uld points to Skarra.
Skaara (he is grabbed) Na-nay, na nay! O'Neill! O'Neill!
O'Neill Skaara! Skaara!
O'Neill jumps forward but a guard hits him on the nose with a staff weapon. Skaara is dragged off, screaming O'Neill's name over and over.
Apophis Kill the rest.
The prisoners scream and run to the back of the room as Apophis and the Goa'uld leave. Teal'c and his guards remain. They advance and ready their weapons, Teal'c at the front of them.
O'Neill (to Teal'c) I can save these people! Help me! Help me.
Teal'c Many have said that.
(He turns and fires on his own guards, than throws his weapon to O'Neill.) But you are the first I believe could do it!
A firefight ensues. Carter pulls Daniel out of the line of fire with her. O'Neill and Teal'c kill the guards and scare away the ones at the door. O'Neill heads back for the back wall.
O'Neill (to fellow prisoners) Get out of the way!
The prisoners scatter and he fires at the wall, creating an opening. He checks it.
O'Neill All right, let's move!
Carter Come on, come on!
The people stream through.
Carter Come on, move, go, come on!
O'Neill Come on!
Teal'c drops his helmet to the floor in the empty holding room and looks at the dead Jaffa as O'Neill and Daniel help prisoners through the opening.
O'Neill You going to be okay?
Daniel pauses, nods, and leaves through the gap. O'Neill looks back to Teal'c.
O'Neill Hey, c'mon!
Teal'c I have nowhere to go.
O'Neill For this you can stay at my place. Let's go.
Teal'c looks around, then joins O'Neill.
O'Neill What's your name?
Teal'c Teal'c.
O'Neill Teal'c, where will they take Skaara, the boy?
Teal'c To the Stargate, after they've selected hosts for their children they will return home.
They follow the stream of prisoners heading for the 'gate.


Hammond is in his office, overlooking the 'gate.
Samuels Sir, they have just under an hour until the deadline. We should've heard from them by now.
Hammond A lot can happen in an hour, Major.

O'Neill and SG-1 leads the prisoners at a fast pace.

O'Neill We've got less than an hour, how we doing?
Carter We lost a few when we got to the forest.
Teal'c They will be hunted down and killed. Anyone who does not exist to serve the gods is their enemy.
O'Neill And that makes you…?
Teal'c I am a Jaffa. Bred to serve, that they may live.
Daniel I…I don't understand.
Teal'c stops and reveals his pouch and his symbiote. The prisoners nearby scream.
O'Neill What the hell is that?
Teal'c It is an infant Goa'uld, the larval form of the gods, I have carried one since I was a child, as all Jaffa carry one.
They resume their walk.
O'Neill Get it out of there.
Teal'c In exchange for carrying the infant Goa'uld until maturity, a Jaffa receives perfect health and long life. If I were to remove it, I would eventually die.
O'Neill Yeah, well if I were you, I'd take my chances.

A ship flies down and hovers over the 'gate. A small distance away O'Neill urges the prisoners over the crest of a hill.

O'Neill All right come on people, let's go, let's move!
They move.
Teal'c (to O'Neill) The boy you seek is no longer who he was.
O'Neill I don't want to hear that.
At the Stargate, the ship's belly reveals a ring device which transports down Goa'ulds including Skaara, Apophis and Sha're. The ship flies off. As the prisoners and SG-1 near the 'gate, a Goa'uld glider swoops over them, readying its guns.
O'Neill Take cover!
The ship fires as the prisoners scatter—O'Neill and Teal'c return fire but make no difference.
Carter Colonel, we're sitting ducks here!
At the Stargate, Apophis dials out. Nearby, as O'Neill and Teal'c fire ineffectually at the ship, suddenly Warren fires a surface to air missile from a shoulder mounted firing device. It hits and destroys the ship. At the Stargate Apophis sees the explosion and steps through the Stargate. The prisoners cheer and O'Neill looks up to where the missile came from.
O'Neill Kawalsky.
Kawalsky Yeah!
SG-2 waves from the hill.
O'Neill (turning to the prisoners) C'mon, folks, up the hill!
Kawalsky moves down to help O'Neill up.
O'Neill Great shot! How many are there?
Kawalsky A dozen, maybe more. They're headed back through the 'gate.
O'Neill What about Skaara?
Kawalsky He's with them. Colonel, we don't have much time before they lock us out.
They run up the hill with the others, Kawalsky taking a lead position.
Kawalsky Warren, Casey, on my right!
They position themselves at the crest of the hill, overlooking the Stargate. O'Neill sees Skaara about to enter the 'gate.
O'Neill No. No.
He runs down the hill.
Kawalsky Colonel! Sir!
O'Neill Skaara!
Skaara turns and smiles walking back toward O'Neill a few steps.
O'Neill Skaara.
Skaara's smile disappears, his eyes glow, and he hits O'Neill with his hand device. O'Neill is thrown back and hits the ground as Skaara leaves and the 'gate deactivates. O'Neill gets to his feet as the others run down to him.
Daniel Did you see the symbols?
O'Neill shakes his head.


Hammond is still overlooking the Gate Room. Samuels enters.
Samuels Sir the deadline has been reached. Standing by to seal off Stargate, sir.
(Hammond doesn't respond) Awaiting your order, sir.
Hammond In a minute, Major.

Warren and Casey are on the hill, looking back to the forest with binoculars when they spot movement.

Warren (into radio) Sir, we've got movement in the trees, a lot of movement in the trees. We've got hostiles, sir, hostiles closing in!
At the Stargate, Kawalsky takes control.
Kawalsky All right, people we're going on a little field trip. Daniel get busy on that Stargate, we've got company.(to Carter) Captain, arm your claymores. Me, Casey and Warren'll be the last men out.
O'Neill Negative. That's my job. Captain, help Daniel. Once you've sent the signal I want you to go through, tell them we're bringing company.
Everyone flocks to the Stargate.
Kawalsky (into his radio) Boys, give me an update!
Warren (into his radio) Looks like a whole battalion, sir. 200 yards and closing.
Kawalsky readies the claymores as Carter stands with Daniel who is searching for the Stargate address in his notebook.
Carter Doctor Jackson?
Daniel I've got it, I know I have it here, I know I've got it.
Carter Come on!
On the hill, the Warren and Casey fall to their bellies as they spy forces coming from the trees.
Warren (into radio) Sir, we've got hostiles coming out of the trees.
They start firing on the advancing Jaffa guards.


Hammond and Samuels are still standing overlooking the Gate Room.
Samuels Sir?
Hammond All right. Seal it off, lock out their transmitters.
Samuels Yes, sir!
He goes down the staircase.


O'Neill Daniel!
Daniel finally finds the address in his notebook.
Daniel (laughing) Oh here!
Carter Go, Go!
Daniel starts dialling. On the hill the soldiers are being overpowered.
Warren (into radio) We can't hold them, sir!
Daniel (to Carter) Send the signal as soon as it opens, Captain.
She holds her arm with the remote transmitter up.
O'Neill (to Kawalsky) Pull 'em out!
Kawalsky (into radio) Fall back, fall back!
The Stargate opens.


'Samuels runs up the stairs.
Samuels Sir, a wormhole has just been established on the other side.
Hammond (heading down the stairs) Belay my last order. Do not seal the 'gate or lock out their transmitter codes.
Samuels Yes, sir.
Hammond (entering Control Room) Do we have a remote transmitter signal?
Technician No signal yet, General.
Daniel Is it working?
Carter Oh, let's hope so. If not, I'll be the first to know.

On the computer, the transmitter code has been received.

Technician Oh wait, there it is.
They look to the Stargate and watch as the iris opens.


Warren and Casey run down the hill from their positions, towards the Stargate. They take defensive positions behind rock and continue firing on the guards as they reach the crest of the hill. Carter steps through the 'gate, and Daniel starts to encourage the prisoners to go after her.
Daniel Come on, come on, come on.

Carter rolls through the 'gate onto the ramp and stands, putting out a hand as two prisoners follow after her. The soldiers around the 'gate raise their guns.

Carter Hold your fire! They're refugees!
She helps them to their feet.
Hammond (on the intercom) I hope you know what you're doing, Captain.

They are still firing against the guards as Daniel gets the last of the prisoners through the 'gate.

Daniel Come on, please, two of you, two of you!
The guards step over the crest of the hill and O'Neill turns to Kawalsky.
O'Neill Hit the claymores!
Kawalsky does so and they explode, taking a line of guards with them. He hits another and another and the guards go down in droves. But there are still more and one of the prisoners is hit by enemy fire.
Daniel Hurry! Come on, come on. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon. We need cover here!
Kawalsky stands from his hiding place and screams, firing his weapon wildly. Daniel gets the last refugee through the 'gate.
Daniel (to O'Neill) That's it!
O'Neill Go!
Daniel pauses for one reluctant second and then runs through the 'gate.


Daniel comes through the Stargate.
Carter They behind you?
Daniel I hope so.

Kawalsky runs for the 'gate, as do the other soldiers.

Casey Go, go, go!
Kawalsky Colonel, more hostiles, eight o'clock.
They retreat while firing on the encroaching guards. Casey is hit by a staff blast.
Kawalsky Casey!
Kawalsky and O'Neill move to him and drag him towards the 'gate, setting him down on the steps, always firing their weapons. One of the prisoners who had stayed wrestling a guard—squeezing him to death. The guard fall near to Kawalsky and its symbiote rises out of its pouch, it flies through the air and whips into Kawalsky's neck. He freezes, then groans, and it disappears into his neck. Teal'c and the prisoner leap through the 'gate.


The prisoner jumps out of the 'gate and the soldiers cock their weapons, as Teal'c come through. Carter and Daniel call out simultaneously to stop them firing.

Carter and Daniel Whoa! Hold your fire! Hold your fire!
Carter They're with us!
She walks up to Teal'c and receives his weapon from him with a nod.


O'Neill and Kawalsky pick up Casey and run through the 'gate—the guards are close on their heels and run through the 'gate after them.


The three fall through the 'gate; Casey collapses to the ramp.

Carter Now! Lock it up, lock it up!
Technician (over the intercom) Closing iris!
The iris closes, and they hear four metallic thuds as the guards that followed hit the metal. Then the sounds stop.
Technician (over the intercom) Wormhole disengaged.
The iris opens. Medics rush up the ramp as they are called.
Airman Medic! Medic!
O'Neill (to Kawalsky, motioning to Casey) You got him?
Kawalsky Yeah, I got him, thanks. Hold on here, get these people back.
The refugees surge forward and circle Carter and O'Neill, hugging and thanking them warmly.
Medic We've got to help these people, please.
Hammond walks up the ramp, amidst the confusion as Samuels clear the way for the medics.
Samuels Let's go, man down, stand back! Stand back!
The medics lift Casey on to a stretcher.
Medic Let's get him to the infirmary, let's get him inside.
They depart.
Hammond Colonel O'Neill. Care to explain?
Carter Um, we can use the Stargate to send these people home, sir.
Hammond (motioning to Teal'c) What's he doing here?
O'Neill General Hammond, this is Teal'c. He can help us.
Hammond Do you know what he is?
O'Neill Yes, sir I do, he's the man who saved our lives. And if you accept my recommendation, sir…he'll join SG-1.
Hammond That decision may not be up to you.
Samuels Stand back. Let's get 'em off the ramp.
Kawalsky is on his knees, looking a little distressed.
O'Neill Kawalsky, are you all right?
Kawalsky Yeah, I'm good.
He stands and regains his composure.
Hammond Colonel O'Neill, Major Kawalsky, this sure-to-be-very-interesting debriefing for SG units 1 and 2 will be at 0730.
O'Neill Yes, sir.
Samuels All right, let's get these people situated.
They leave the Gate Room, leaving Teal'c, Carter, Daniel and O'Neill standing at the base of the ramp. Daniel looks back to the Stargate.
Daniel She's out there somewhere, Jack.
O'Neill I know. So's Skaara.
Daniel So what do we do?
O'Neill We find 'em.
He leaves, and the others follow. Behind them, Kawalsky is still standing at the top of the ramp, almost inside the Stargate. He walks down the ramp towards the camera and as he gets close, his eyes glow.