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SG-1 is seated around the briefing table, along with Makepeace and the rest of SG-3. Hammond is pacing the room
HAMMOND When we completed interviews of the refugees you brought back from Chulak, ten of them identified the final four symbols the Goa'ulds used to escape through the Chulak Stargate. When we disregard the last one as point of origin, that leaves three to work with.
He cues a computer screen to display the glyphs.
HAMMOND Captain Carter's computer model has thus far extrapolated only one set of symbols from the Abydos cartouche that contains these three glyphs.
O'NEILL Let me guess. That's where we're going.
HAMMOND Very good, Colonel.
O'NEILL Thank you, Sir. I pride myself on my deductive reasoning skills.
HAMMOND In one hour, you will go through the gate to the planet represented by these symbols. It has been designated P3X-797.
JACKSON Couldn't we call this planet something that's a little easier to remember?
CARTER It's based on a binary code the computer uses for extrapolation.
O'NEILL (sarcastically) Which makes it much easier to remember.
Carter gives a smile the moment she hears O'Neill.
HAMMOND We sent an M.A.L.P. probe through thirty minutes ago. Atmosphere is breathable, no detectable radiation. Temperature approximately forty degrees Fahrenheit.
O'NEILL Can we see the video playback, sir?
Hammond briefly pauses as he seems discomforted.
HAMMOND There is no playback.
O'NEILL Why no playback?
HAMMOND It appears to be very dark where the gate resides on this planet.
CARTER Well, the MALP probe has lights on it, doesn't it?
HAMMOND We think they were broken during transport through the gate.
JACKSON This is crazy. We don't know what could be there waiting for us when we come through.
MAKEPEACE Don't you worry, boys. That's why the SG-3 Marines are coming with. You can count on us to watch your backsides.
JACKSON Actually, it's more my front side I was worried about.
Makepeace raises his eyebrows to Jackson.


The Stargate is spinning. O'Neill, Carter, Teal'c and SG-3 come inside the room, ready and geared.
HARRIMAN (over intercom) Chevron four encoded.
Jackson rushes in the gate room.
HARRIMAN (over intercom) Chevron five encoded.
O'NEILL (to Jackson) You're late. Put these on.
O'Neill hands Jackson a pair of night vision goggles.
JACKSON (taking and looking at the goggles) Doesn't look like my prescription.
HARRIMAN (over intercom) Chevron six encoded.
CARTER Thermal night-vision goggles.
O'NEILL Hey, here's a question: why doesn't the MALP have a set of these?
Carter grins.
HARRIMAN (over intercom) Chevron seven, locked.
The Stargate kawooshes.
HAMMOND (over intercom) SG-1 and SG-3, you have a go. Repeat, you have a go.

OK, we'll take point.


We'll go through first. You watch our lovely backsides, remember?

Have it your way, flyboy.

- Are you out of your mind? - If Skaara or Sha're are on the other side,

those jarheads will open fire as soon as they see the light of their eyes.

You want that?

Give us a ten count, then come on down.

One, one thousand...

two, one thousand...

Fan out.


(machine-gun fire)


I'm real glad it was you who took point.

I'm OK. Thanks for askin'.

- Everybody else? - Think so.

- What were those things? - I haven't the slightest idea.

(animalistic growling)


Daniel, what are they?

Well, they don't look completely Homo sapien.

The larger brow implies Homo erectus, but then they'd have canine teeth.

They could be Australopithecus, but the brow would be less prominent.

- You don't know, do you? - No.

Why does that one female look different? She looks more human.

We have to stop him.

No. That's how prehistoric males probably always had sex - forcibly.

The strongest male gets to mate - survival of the fittest.

Well, I call it rape, and we should stop it.


- (rocks landing) - (grunts of pain)

- Where are those rocks coming from? - There.

Makepeace, you and your men take a wide left flank. We'll take the right. Go.

Let's go.

Don't move!

All right, hold your fire.

- (Johnson) They could be Goa'ulds. - Just keep 'em covered.

There's no entry scar.

They're not Goa'ulds. Lower your weapons, kids.

Any idea what they are?

My lord, we are the Untouched. lam High Councillor Tuplo.

We are pleased the gods have deemed us worthy of a return visit.


Only the gods come through the Stargate. I think they mean us.

We should get used to this.

Oh, for cryin' out loud. We're not gods. Get up.

Please. Come on.

Perhaps they wish us to treat them as mortals. A test?

Please, let us take you to the Land of Light.

(O'Neill) Love what they've done here.

(Carter) I was gonna do my living room like this, but it didn't go with my stuff.

(Daniel) Looks Minoan.

Welcome. Please, come, sit.


ls she all right?

I do hope. She is my daughter.

- What's her name? - She is called Melosha.

I can only hope we rescued her in time from the hands of the Touched.

We must now wait to see if she has been cursed by them.

The creatures that took her, what were they exactly?

The Touched. They were unfortunate enough to be cursed by the Heelk'sha.

Heelk'sha. There's a word like that on Abydos. ls that "gods of the earth"?

"Gods of the underworld." Evil gods.

The Heelk'sha needed only to touch the unfortunate among us

and they would become possessed - pure evil, like wild animals.

So these... Touched people used to live here with you?

They were us - until they changed.

They became too dangerous and we had to banish them to the Land of the Dark.

And where are these evil gods now?

Oh, they do not show themselves.

We know only of their presence because of their actions.

When was the last time the good gods came around?

Well, if you are not them, then it has been at least a generation.

A generation.

OK. Um... Will you excuse us for a moment? Just...

No, please, don't.


Sounds like the Goa'ulds aren't here and haven't been for some time.

- That is my assessment as well. - Daniel? Carter?

In that case, gear up. We'll move out in 15 minutes.

- Wait a minute. Move out? - Yeah.

Back to the Stargate, back to Earth. Terra firma? Home? You've heard of it?

Uh, we should stay a while longer and study this society,

learn how they've evolved the Minoan culture.

I mean, you see those statues over there? Those are bulls.

The bull is all through Minoan culture on Earth, but we never knew why.

Hey, I'm a big fan of all this stuff,

but art appreciation is not what this mission is about.

Get your gear together.

- Find anything? - Uh, no, sir.

Yes, sir, actually, sir. We found a whole hell of a lot, sir.

Some beautiful decor, nice folks... Nothing of strategic importance, sir.

All right. Get cleaned up. Mission debrief in half an hour.

I know I'm a guest at this party, but I have to protest.

Let me guess - this the science versus military discussion again?

Well, yes. This was a perfect example of my argument.

We should've stayed. It was the perfect opportunity to study Minoan culture.

Not to mention primitive man.

- This really isn't necessary. I've already... - Sir, would you let me finish?

OK. The people on the dark side are pre-Stone Age,

those on the light side are Bronze Age - where better to study the Broca Divide?

The what? Excuse me.

The Broca Divide. Pierre Paul Broca was a 19th-century anthropologist.

He founded modern craniometry,

to compare the divide in intelligence between early species of mankind.


- Should I start the debriefing, sir? - Good idea, Colonel.

Now just wait a minute!

You're wasting your breath. You've already won the argument.

But I have to insist... What? I've already won?

The president agrees with you.

He's asked that we evaluate the scientific and cultural value of each mission.

- Oh, for cryin' out loud. - He has?

(Carter) That's great.

Wonder how that thing in your gut would like his neck ripped in half!

- Please release me, Lt Johnson. - Johnson! Let him go.

Not until this Goa'uld apologises.

Lt Johnson, take your seat now!


General, I would prefer to not hurt this man.

What is your problem, marine?!

Take him to the infirmary. Tell them to keep him in restraints and check him out.

What do you think that was all about with Johnson?

Beats me. Maybe he was drunk.

I don't know. Didn't quite seem like inebriation.

What the...?

We need medics. Section C, stat. Two men down.

Carter. Uh, sorry, I didn't know you were in here.

Wait... What the hell is goin' on?

- I want you. - Why? I mean, no.

Carter, this is a little out of line, don't you think?

Don't you want me?

No! Not like this, for cryin' out...

Carter, what's gotten into you?!

It's about time you saw a doctor, Doctor.


Keep her from hurting herself until the sedatives take effect.

- This pretty much what Johnson has? - Oh, I'd say so. And the rest of the team.

This is the strangest thing I've ever seen. Come on, take a look.

We converted DEFCON 1 bunkers from the missile silo into isolation chambers.

You never know what you're gonna bring back through the Stargate.


Notice the swelling of the brow ridge? Some even have new follicle growth.

- Any idea what's causing it? - Wish I knew.

I got calls in to all the specialists, but I've got one hand tied behind my back

because of the classification of the Stargate project.

And it's spreading. We got two more in an hour later.

I've never seen a behavioural disorder like this. They're all acting like animals.


- You think Carter has the same thing? - Her behaviour fits.

All the victims are behaving like primitives.

Most female low-level primates choose the sexual partner

who would give them the strongest offspring.

The leaders of a pack or a tribe are usually the prime choice.

- You should be flattered. - Oh, yeah, I'm honoured.


I got on the Internet to research Australopithecus and... Wow.

What happened to you?

Oh, I got into a little wrestling match with Carter.


I guess she's got whatever Johnson's got. I had to drag her off to the infirmary.

What, did she start a fight, like Johnson did with Teal'c?

No, she, uh... she tried to seduce me.


You poor man.

No, it wasn't like that. She was like a wild animal. She was nuts.

Well, is she all right? I should go see her.


What do you mean, why? Because I care about her.

- You care about her? What's that mean? - It means she's my friend.

- Now let... go. - She's not yours to care about.

- What the hell are you talking about? - Samantha. Just stay away from her, OK?

OK, Jack. I think you should come with me to the infirmary, OK?

Just let go of me and... Let go of my arm!

(technician) Security! Get in here!

Are you OK?

We've isolated an organism in the victims' bloodstreams.

- Like a parasite or something? - More like a parasitical virus.

From what I can tell, it feeds on amines and cholines,

chemical transmitters in the body - neurotransmitters too.

As they're depleted, all but the most primitive parts of the brain shut down.

So they act like animals?

The organism seems to release a hormone

that stimulates the primitive regions of the brain.

I have never seen anything like this on earth.

Exactly - on Earth. That would explain the Touched.

39% your pardon'?

That's what the primitives were called on P3X-797. The Touched.

But I think, given recent events,

it's safe to say they aren't born primitive - it's a contagious disease.

And we came in contact with them. Isn't that special?

So, the question is, why haven't you and Mr Teal'c got the symptoms?

Uh, Mr Teal'c. Tealc's symbiote probably protects him.

- That would be likely. - What about you, Dr Jackson?

Beats me. You're the doctor, Doctor. Maybe I have a natural immunity.

- Or you will develop symptoms later. - Thanks for the moral support.

I'm checking both of your blood for the organism,

and I would bet that you both have it. This appears to be highly contagious.

Are you saying we could've brought a new plague to this planet?

Yes, sir, that's exactly what I'm saying.

That's it. I'm ordering this mountain sealed off.

No one comes in or goes out until we get a handle on this thing.

(animalistic howl)

(woman over PA) Containment team three to sublevel 28.



- He's going to damage himself. - The sedatives wear off fast.

Help me give him some more. Let's go! Go.


(phone buzzes)

Yes, sir, this is General Hammond.

Sir, I'm afraid I have a serious situation here.

It appears we've brought a very contagious disease through the Stargate.

Yes, sir, that's right.

Well, the mountain's sealed off, but I think you should order in an army division

as a second fine oi defiance.

I recommend that anyone attempting to leave the mountain

should be shot on sight... and their body burned.

- Good news, General. - I could use some of that. What is it?

They don't have the organism in their system.

Now, if we can isolate why they've resisted it...

- Ask the Untouched how they avoid it. - Maybe they know something we don't.

I could use a blood sample from one of the uninfected.

Maybe something in their systems protects them - that we can synthesise.

All right. Either of you know how to draw blood?

Doctor, teach them. You go through in half an hour.

Wait, wait... Just the two of us?

You're immune. I don't know anyone else who is.


Do not worry, Daniel Jackson.

The Touched are frightened by your loud weapons. We can easily subdue them.

That's easy for you to say.


It's Melosha. She's alive.

It appears she is afflicted.

So they just dump her out here?

We dump them in a small room.

- To protect them. - To protect everyone else.

There is little difference.

You know, you're right.

They're like lepers. And the dark side's a leper colony.

What is a leper?

Oh, God, never mind. We have to help her.

Are you planning on helping me?

It is a long journey. We should leave her.

No. Now let's... go.

(grunting shouts from woods)


Fire your weapon. It will frighten them off.

Daniel Jackson.


Daniel Jackson.

Sorry, Colonel O'Neill, but your private room just became semi-private.

We're running out of places to put victims. We've used the brigs, the temp quarters,

some of the storage rooms...

(weakly) Good luck, Doc...

Did you say something?

Give more.

What? Give more what?


An injection? You mean you want more sedative?

You've already had twice as much as anyone else because you're more violent.

- Give. - No. It's not safe.



Why are you so insistent?

You must've been in a lot of pain.


Colonel O'Neill?



So you are still in there somewhere?

Adv... dream.


I'm afraid not, Colonel. It's very real.

This is interesting. Enough sedative must knock back the primitive mind.

Colonel, I can't keep you at this level very long. It is too dangerous.

It could cause permanent brain damage.


- What is it? - It's a parasitic virus.

All we can tell is that it seems to mess with body chemicals - all of 'em.

Testosterone levels skyrocket - thus the aggressive behaviour.

It's a histaminolytic, which means it breaks down histamine. We...

Experiment... on... me.

Experiment on you?

No, sir. I can't do that.

Use me.

Welcome back, my lord. Where are your friends?

My friends are ill because of this place.

- They have joined the Touched. - They were cursed by the Heelk'sha.

It is not a curse. It is a disease.

I lost my friend on the dark side of this planet.

You must help me retrieve him.

Why? So he can give you the curse? So he can give all of us the curse?

No, no. He's better off where he is.

He does not have the disease. He is immune. He is not cursed.

Then by now... he is gone.

He had your daughter with him.

Melosha... is dead.

No. She is out there, on the dark side. I have seen her.

Help me retrieve her and my friend.

She is among the Touched. She can no longer function amongst us.

Therefore she is dead.

She is not dead.

If l believed otherwise, do you not think I would help my own daughter?

Many of us have loved ones among the Touched.

My own father is there.

But we accept that we cannot help them. Therefore they are dead to us.

How can you be so without heart?

I must ask you to leave.

If you will not help me find my friend, then I must have a sample of your blood.

- Our blood?! - Blood is our life force.

I assure you it will cause you no harm.

I cannot abide this one in my presence any longer.

You are not welcome here.

When we return, I expect to find you gone.

I am sorry.

(grunting and growling)

All personnel, please be advised that the mountain is under a code five lockdown.

- Thank God you're back. - What happened to Captain Carter?

She was stabbed by her roommate. Don't worry, it's superficial. She'll be OK.

We've run out of space. We had to start doubling up on the iso rooms.

I have the blood sample you requested.

Good work, Mr Teal'c.

- (door opens) - (Teal'c) Colonel O'Neill.


I am afraid I lost Daniel Jackson on the dark side of the planet.

I am sorry.

Colonel O'Neill? I think I might have something.

I was examining the blood sample Mr Teal'c brought me.

Then it hit me - there was very little histamine in it.

If the people on that planet are human, they must have histamine in their blood.

How does this help us?

As I said, this microbe is a histaminolytic. It feeds on histamine.

The Untouched have no histamine, so the organism can't survive in them.

I do not understand. It is the Untouched that become the Touched.

If they have none of this substance, why then do some of them change?

Only some of them have this low histamine level -

which means there is probably a natural antihistamine in their diets.

The ones who don't eat it eventually contract the organism.

Which is what gave me an idea. I checked the files.

Both Dr Jackson and I have acute rhinitis caused by severe allergies.


I take strong antihistamines every day. So did Dr Jackson.

I have no histamine for the microbe to feed on.

Just like the Untouched, the organism starves in my body.

Does this mean you have a cure?

We try megadoses of chlorpheniramine maleate on someone and see if it works.


I thought you might say that.

Now, the dose required to clear the body of histamine could be harmful.

You're sure?

Now all we can do is wait.

You'd better lock him up again.

- Teal'c! Doc! Open the door! - (banging)


- Colonel O'Neill? - Lucy! I'm home!

I am not Lucy.

I know that. It was a reference to an old TV... Never mind. Open the door.

- I will summon the doctor. - No, no. I'm fine.

I'm back to being myself. Just open up.

I cannot be certain you are back to being yourself. You referred to me as Lucy.

Oh, for cryin' out loud. Will you just open the door?

This stuff works. Let's find Doc.

(technician) Chevron three encoded.

Chevron four, encoded.

The guns are loaded with darts filled with chlorpheniramine.

A direct hit on a Touched man or woman

should knock them out long enough in order to starve the disease.

Good luck.

Thanks, Doc.

- We gonna try to trank all the Touched? - Just the ones between us and Daniel.

We'll leave the rest for the Untouched.

- You think he's still alive? - Chevron seven, locked.

Let's find out.

(animalistic grunting)

Guess the antihistamine wore off.

Daniel, you dog. Keep this up, you'll have a girl on every planet.

Just let me give him an injection.

What are you doing?

You must not bring the Touched among us. Leave, now.

Just hear us out. Please?

We found a cure. And we can bring back Melosha.

And your father.

Put him in the isolation circle. We will hear you.

Let him pass.

If you are not gods, then how did you destroy the curse?

As we've been saying, Tuplo, it's not a curse, it's a disease.

- A sickness. - (Daniel) Jack.

There's our boy.

- Where are we? - The light side of P3X-797.

I thought we were gonna give it a better name.

He's back. He's normal.


We know how to... lift the curse.

How, if you are not gods?

Come out there with us. We'll show you.


You have done it, my lord.

Thank you.

We'll teach you how to take care of the rest.

- Uh, sir? - Yeah?

About my earlier behaviour... I wasn't myself...

Oh, Carter, I don't even remember your earlier behaviour.

- You don't? - No. I was infected too, remember?

Right! Good, I'm glad.

By the way, how's the wound?

- Wound? - I heard you got stabbed in the stomach.

Oh... Yeah. It's nothing. With any luck, there won't even be a scar.

Oh, good. I was concerned.

- You were? - Sure. If it doesn't heal properly,

you'll never wear that sweet little tank-top number again.