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Doctor Wagner, already dead.
Biographical information
Planet of origin Earth
Death 2004
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Socio-political information
Occupation Scientist
Allegiance Atlantis expedition
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Dane B. McFadhen
First appearance "Hot Zone"

Doctor Wagner was a scientist who joined the Atlantis expedition during its first year of existence. He died of a ruptured aneurysm in Atlantis on 2004.

Character's evolution

"Hot Zone" (2004)

Wagner is part of a scientist team led by Doctor Rodney McKay checking for any damages in the previously flooded sections of Atlantis following the storm (SGA: "The Storm", "The Eye"). He and Doctor Johnson find an Ancient lab. Suddenly, as they are separated from the whole team, Wagner yells by radio they're need backup as "they" are attacking them. When the team arrive on place, they only find Wagner dead, his nose an mouth bleeding.

Later, Doctor Biro, under Doctor Carson Beckett's command, examines Wagner's body and finds out he died of a ruptured saccular brain aneurysm just above the visual cortex. Doctor McKay discovers this aneurysm has been provoqued by an Ancient nanovirus.


  • We don't see Wagner alive in "Hot Zone". We just only hear his voice by radio, but when all the team arrive, he is already dead.