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Why this wiki?

First, there was Stargate Wikia (named SGCommand), a very complete wiki about the Stargate universe. So complete that they mixed up "canon" and "non-canon" material. And then, there was Escyos who decided to build a pure "canon" Stargate wiki on ShoutWiki. But ShoutWiki crashed a first time and Escyos decided on his own to build an independant one (now defunct). I asked then to be granted steward for the ShoutWiki Stargate (as I am the founder of the French Wiki and I didn't want to let this wiki die). I decided to keep the first spirit of this wiki (do not mix "canon" and "non-canon" stuff). Unfortunately, for some reason, Escyos was banished from ShoutWiki. I was alone on the English ShoutWiki. And at last, ShoutWiki crashed once again (and just came back on mid-january 2013). As Wikkii proposed a space to build from scratch your wiki, I attempted this adventure to build this wiki as well the French version.

But unfortunately, since Wikkii has been buyed by Gunggo, they eventually let it die. So Semantic Stargate Wiki came back to ShoutWiki and continued to live here.

And now, since there are issues with an old version of Semantic MediaWiki on ShoutWiki servers, I decided to start from scratch on a personal home server and here we are again!.

Latest site news

  • 2022-03-23 — The one shot and minor character cells have been updated to be up to date thanks to Semantic MediaWiki. All season portal pages have been updated. The purpose of this is to automatically fit the evolution of the character pages adding and modifiing process.
  • 2022-03-07 — The Mediawiki and Semantic MediaWiki softwares have been updated, now in version 1.37.1 and 4.0.0, respectively.
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