Kiwi-like fruit

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Kiwi-like fruit
Kiwi-like fruit in Faith.jpg
Ronald Greer is holding a kiwi-like fruit (SGU: "Faith").
Type Food
Place of origin Eden
Out of Universe information
First appearance "Faith"
"It's like a kiwi."
—1st Lt Tamara Johansen (SGU: "Faith")

Kiwi-like fruits have been found on the planet called "Eden". In 2009, Destiny expedition has found those fruits and brought them back aboard Destiny.


This fruit is growing on trees. It looks like a kiwi. According to Ronald Greer, the taste is nice (SGU: "Faith").


This fruit has been put in place on Eden after its creation (SGU: "Faith").


"Faith" (2009)

As they explore a life-suitable planet, MsSgt Ronald Greer comes back to Lieutenants Matthew Scott and Tamara Johansen carrying a fruit, and telling that he has seen trees loading many of them. T.J. cuts the fruit in half and compares it to a kiwi, but before she is able to test if it is fit for consumption, Greer eats it, finding it nice. As the time goes on, and Greer being still in good health, it appears to be edible.

Later aboard Destiny, Camile Wray chats with Eli Wallace, hoping that the recon team will bring back "tons of food", because the last fruit brought back has disappeared. Eli takes out of his pocket a "kiwi" and promises to share it with Wray if she doesn't denounce him. She aggrees and the two share the fruit, carrying on with their chat.