Stargate Infinity Season 1

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Stargate Infinity Season 1
The Zone 1 DVD cover
Country of origin  USA
No. of episodes 26
Original channel Fox Kids
Original run September 14, 2002 — March 24, 2003
Home video release
DVD release
Region 1 May 13, 2008
Region 2 August 13, 2007


"Double Duty"
"The Best World"
"Coming Home"
"Hot Water"
"Can I Keep It?"
"Who Are You?"

"The Mother of Invention"
"Us and Them"
"The Face of Evil"

"The Key"
"Chariot of the Sun"
"The Answer"
"The Look"
"Feet of Clay"
"The Natural"
"Big Mistake"
"The Illustrated Stacey"
"The Long Haul"

Image Title Ep. Nb Written by Directed by Original air date
"Decision" 1.01 14 September 2002
Major Gus Bonner leads a team of young cadets to stop the Tlak'kahn who have stolen a mysterious life form from Stargate Command.
"Double Duty" 1.02 21 September 2002
The team stay on a jungle planet, cut off by Nephestis who has framed Gus as a traitor. The local Thorn aliens are dying of a disease.
"The Best World" 1.03 28 September 2002
The team arrives with a planet with a mysterious 'Guide' stone which is immediately endangered by an earthquake. The team helps the natives, the Mou'a'dash, to recover it.
"Coming Home" 1.04 5 October 2002
Gus and Ec'co go to the home planet of Ec'co's mother to learn more about the Tlak'kahn, who have been attempting to subdue it for 20 years. Ec'co is surprised during his homecoming.
"Mentor" 1.05 12 October 2002
Gus and the trainees encounter a former SG team leader whose free-wheeling style inspired Gus as a young officer.
"Hot Water" 1.06 19 October 2002
When Gus and the trainees jump through to a planet almost completely covered with water, Harrison can't resist bragging about his swimming ability.
"Phobia" 1.07 26 October 2002
Driven by her arachnophobia, Stacey assaults a spider-like creature from a race which turns out to be both sentient and peaceful. Now, with the victim getting weaker with each minute, Stacey must stand trial for her actions. She must also overcome her fear of spiders, since they just became allies in the battle with the Tlak'kahn.
"Can I Keep It?" 1.08 2 November 2002
Trouble comes when Seattle adopts a cuddly alien creature as a pet, only to have it grow overnight into a 200-pound rambunctious, noisy, annoying problem.
"Who Are You?" 1.09 9 November 2002
When the SG team visits a planet inhabited by alien shape-shifters, only their knowledge of each other's character allows them to distinguish the real team members from the shape-shifters.
"Greed" 1.10 16 November 2002
Because the Trainees are off searching for diamonds, Gus and Draga are captured by alien bounty hunters.
"Stones" 1.11 23 November 2002
The Stargate team meets aliens who use meditation, exercise, and native stones to enhance their martial art skills.
"Initiation" 1.12 30 November 2002
Separated from the others on an island paradise, Harrison finds himself in the unaccustomed role of the voice of reason as he tries to help an alien youth resist peer pressure.
"The Mother of Invention" 1.13 7 December 2002
Ec'co learns the dangers of lying when he falls for a clever female inventor who deceives him with lies in order to obtain their advanced technology.
"Reality" 1.14 30 December 2002
The SG team discovers a high-tech world where the population is addicted to a sophisticated Virtual Reality simulator. Their society is close to ruin from neglect.
"Museum" 1.15 6 January 2003
Gus and the SG team stumbles onto a huge alien museum dedicated to Earth history -- and find themselves in the middle of a struggle between an android Napoleon and an android Caesar.
"Us and Them" 1.16 13 January 2003
Draga becomes involved with the winged Otsorok (a race of creatures that resemble her). Draga is delighted to be among others like herself.
"The Face of Evil" 1.17 20 January 2003
When the SG team happens upon the inhabitants of a planet fighting Tlak'kahn 'invaders,' they immediately join the fight against the Tlak'kahn.
"The Key" 1.18 27 January 2003
On a high-tech world where communication is entirely electronic and the ancient skills of reading and writing have been completely forgotten.
"Chariot of the Sun" 1.19 3 February 2003
After stealing a spaceship to return to Earth, the SG team end up on a world that is incredibly hostile to them.
"The Answer" 1.20 10 February 2003
Gus and the trainees find old friend Dr. Keri Mason at a gathering - the best minds in the galaxy. Dr. Bre-Sal, a brilliant alien neuroscientist, has unlocked the secret.
"The Look" 1.21 17 February 2003
The SG team emerges into an alien world in which a female's social status revolves around possessing a rare type of luminous fern headdress — to the point where they will risk their lives.
"Feet of Clay" 1.22 23 February 2003
Gus and the SG team visits the planet of the Mardans, an alien civilization that has modeled itself after the Tlak'kahn. While the team is trying to help them deal with an epidemic.
"The Natural" 1.23 3 March 2003
Harrison's pride in his 'natural' flying ability is challenged when he's the only one of the trainees who can't learn how to ride the huge reptilian birds of prey used as mounts.
"Big Mistake" 1.24 10 March 2003
When the SG Team encounters the Motai — aliens living on an arid planet — Seattle is determined to help them improve their quality of life with a bold irrigation plan.
"The Illustrated Stacey" 1.25 17 March 2003
To show Gus that he doesn't know everything about her, Stacey allows aliens to paint a beautiful design on her skin. But it isn't ordinary paint — it's an alien microbe.
"The Long Haul" 1.26 24 March 2003
After visiting a series of hostile or barren planets, the exhausted team begins to question the value of continuing their self-imposed mission.