The Truth about the Pyramids

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The Truth about the Pyramids
This item is part of an alternate timeline
The Truth about the Pyramids.jpg
Daniel Jackson is holding a copy of the book written by his alternate self (Stargate: Continuum).
Type Book
Place of origin Alternate Earth
Current status Erased (timeline altered)
Production information
Designer Alternate Daniel Jackson
Out of Universe information
First appearance Stargate: Continuum

The Truth about the Pyramids is a book written by an alternate Alternate Daniel Jackson in an alternate timeline where the Stargate has never been discovered and the Stargate Program never took place.


This book has been written by an alternate Dr. Daniel Jackson, PhD. The back cover has a photo of him and the following comment:

"This book is completely devoted to the Pyramids of Egypt. The major premise - that the archeological received bears witness to an evolution of pyramid design, construction and function from beginning to end of the Pyramid Age - is demonstrated brilliantly and completely."

In 2009 two copies of the book were sold 70% off their original price in a book store (Stargate: Continuum).


Stargate: Continuum (2009, alternate timeline)

In a bookstore, Daniel Jackson finds two books intitled The Truth About the Pyramids, written by his alternate self. The books have a 70% sale discount. Jackson takes one, opens it, starts to read, and smiles, then looks at the back cover and sees his alternate self's picture, posing weirdly. He quickly buys the book.


Behind the scenes

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  • If you closely look the back cover, you will the same text written twice but the first sentence.