Egypt Before the Pharaohs

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Egypt Before the Pharaohs
Type Book
Owner Daniel Jackson
Current status Unknown (may be lost on Abydos)
Out of Universe information
First appearance Stargate

Egypt Before the Pharaohs: The Prehistoric Foundations of Egyptian Civilisation is a book written by Michael A. Hoffman. A copy of this book was held by Doctor Daniel Jackson.


Stargate (1995)

Doctor Daniel Jackson uses Hoffman's book to help him during his research on the Giza cartouche. When he departs for the newly discovered world, he takes this book among others and put it inside his suitcase.

Later on Abydos, Ferretti takes Jackson's suitcase and throws it on the desert, asking Jackson to find a way to return home. The suitcase opens, spreading all its content (including the book) everywhere on the desert sand.