Giza cartouche

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Giza cartouche
Type Archeology
Place of origin Earth
Owner US Air Force
Current status Stored
Out of Universe information
First appearance Stargate

The Giza cartouche is a figure carved on the coverstone found in the Giza archeological digging in 1928. The symbols written inside the cartouche form the Stargate address used to reach Abydos.


The cartouche is located on the central piece of the Giza coverstone. Six symbols are written inside and a triangle symbol with a square is carved at the bottom (Stargate).


The cartouche has been found on the Giza coverstone in 1928. According to the reports, it is 10,000 years old. In 1993, Catherine Langford hired Dr. Gary Meyers for the translation of the coverstone's writting, as well as the cartouche's. Until 1995, no one was able to decypher the meaning of the cartouche (Stargate).


Stargate (1995)

When Doctor Daniel Jackson discovers the Giza coverstone for the first time, Dr. Gary Meyers describes the artefact. According to Jackson the writings in the cartouche are not hieroglyphs, but may be a kind of cuneiform writing. 15 days later, Jacksons finds out that the symbols of the cartouche are actually constellations.

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