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A set of new addresses downloaded in the SGC dialing computer by Jack O'Neill when the latter has had his memory filled with the Ancient knowledge (SG1: "The Fifth Race").
Type Science
Out of Universe information
First appearance Stargate

An address or Stargate address is a suite of mandatory ordered symbols used to open a wormhole on a Stargate. Stargate addresses located in the same galaxy have seven symbols; six constellations that determine a position in space and a seventh that is the point of origin (Stargate).





  • By definition, there is only one single Stargate address for one single destination, meaning that one cannot go to two differents places with the same address. Yet on several occasions in the series, same addresses has been used to call different planets. The main reason is purely economical as producers wanted to save money and for that, they have reused previous shot sequences:

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