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First appearance "Human"

46 is the number of chromosomes that form a human cell. It is also the base of Destiny controls access code found by Dr. Nicholas Rush through the interface chair.


"Human" (2009)

Dr. Nicholas Rush uses Destiny interface chair that has been modified in order to limit the brain damages. He is living a conscious dream in which he tries to steer to find the key to unlock the ship's controls. Several clues focusing on number 46 appear throughout his progression.[1]

Then, when Rush is with his wife who is in the terminal phase, he finds out at last what he was looking for when Gloria tells him that her sikness is due to a stupid gene which doesn't do what it was meant for; repairing the damaged DNA. When he regains consciousness, he explains that the key to unlock Destiny's controls is purely numerological unlike their "most recent" technology. They used their own genetic code in a mathematical way to control the ship.


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