Episode:The Enemy Within

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"The Enemy Within"
An episode from Stargate SG-1
Teal'c facing Major Kawalsky who has been possessed by a Goa'uld.
Episode Nb Season 1
Episode 03
Directed by Dennis Berry
Written by Brad Wright
Produced by Ron French
Director of photography Peter F. Woeste
Edited by Charles E. Robichaud
Production code 3955
Original air date (1997-08-01)  USA: August 1, 1997
(1998-04-15)  UK: April 15, 1998
Length 42'24"
Guest starring
Episode chronology
Précédent "Children of the Gods" "Emancipation" Suivant
Episode title card
Meanwhile Stargate Command and military decide of Teal'c's fate, a near mature Goa'uld symbiote is taking Major Kawalsky's body control. The SGC must find a way to remove it without killing the Major.
"The Enemy Within" is the 3rd episode of Stargate SG-1 Season 1.


Story development

Planets: Earth • P1-269 • P3-575 • P3A-577 • P5-833 • P5-9950 • P6-110 • P6-833
Races: Goa'uld
Technology: Dialing computer • Stargate
Locations: Stargate Command embarkation room • The Pentagon • Sub-level 28
Miscellaneous: Address • Anesthetic • Titanium



  • Major General Hammond introduces to Colonel O'Neill and Major Kawalsky the possible future destinations for SG-1 and SG-2, calculated by Captain Carter's team; planets P3-575 and P3A-577. Daniel Jackson is also present in the room. According to the General, the two teams will occure concurently. O'Neill and Kawalsky tease each other regarding the choice of who's going where.
  • When General Hammond put things right stating that he's the one who chooses, the Stargate's inner ring starts to spin. Master Sergeant Harriman announces inboud travelers then asks the closing of the iris. Hammond order to set the defense team and asks Harriman to set the self-destruct countdown to three minutes.
  • When the wormhole is established, many thuds are heared against the iris. Kawalsky refuses to go anywhere as long as the Goa'uld keep their attacks. Daniel thinks that they cannot maintain this indefinitely. When Carter thinks they shoud give up when they realise that their shield is unpenetrable, Kawalsky says that, some part of him would like to let them come in to have the fight they're looking for.
  • The wormhole disengaged, Harriman orders the radiation team to check the Stargate perimeter. O'Neill thinks there are some worse way to come. Daniel asks O'Neill if he doesn't think they're sending people through. O'Neill answers they're would be like bugs on a windshield. The radiation team reports all is clear. Then Hammond orders the defense team to stand by and Harriman to reset the countdown.
  • Suddenly, Kawalsky holds his neck and O'Neill asks what's the matter. Kawalsky says he has a headache and took a fistfull of aspirin with no effect at all. O'Neill orders him to be checked at the infirmary. Kawalsky asks permission to General Hammond. Hammond agrees and tell him he absolutely needs him to take command of the team on P3-575. When Kawalsky leaves, he gives a small friendly fist's hit on O'Neill's belly.
  • When Kawalsky gone, the Stargate activates once again. Hammond put the base on alert and orders Harriman to restart the coundown. Daniel asks Carter if the iris is gonna hold. Carter replies it's pure titanium, less than three micrometers from the event horizon, making the reintegration of the matter impossible. Then O'Neill asks to Carter if the iris is gonna hold. Carter replies that if not, the safe device will detonate, the mountain will vaporise and there will be nothing to worry about. O'Neill ironicaly replies he feels much better.

Act 1

  • O'Neill comes into General Hammond's office. Hammond understands Kawalsky's feelings, stating that his job gives him headaches as well. O'Neill cuts the speech and ask the matter. Hammond tells O'Neill that his request to include Teal'c as part of SG-1 has been denied. A Colonel Kennedy sent by the Pentagon is on his way to interrogate Teal'c and eventually making some tests on him as he is carrying the larva form of a powerful enemy. O'Neill is upset about Teal'c willing to be here only to become a lab rat for the US military intelligence. When Hammond asks O'Neill if he is certain that Teal'c will not switch side again, O'Neill is affirmative. Hammond says that he is the only one to think like that, yet as long as Teal'c remains in Stargate Command, he will be treated with dignity, but outside, he cannot guaranty anything.
  • O'Neill comes into a detention room where Teal'c is meditating. Interrupted by O'Neill, Teal'c asks him about the refugees from Chulak (SG1: "Children of the Gods"). O'Neill replies that the last ones have been sent back home thanks to Teal'c before the Goa'uld send several attacks through the gate. When O'Neill asks about the number of attacks to expect, Teal'c replies that they will make two or three attempts, waiting to the destruction of the Earth. As the iris will remain closed, they will be crushed. Then O'Neill tells Teal'c that he is a prisoner and, because the people he works to are quite suspicious, they need to know Teal'c better. Teal'c is willing to share everything he knows and pledge allegiance to Earth but O'Neill tells him that it won't be enough as they are afraid of him. When Teal'c asks O'Neill why he is not afraid, the latter says that he saw Teal'c making the decision to rise against a god, refusing to kill people. Teal'c asks O'Neill to show him his world once he will prove his allegiance. O'Neill agrees, yet he says that he won't see all things in one shot as it is a big world.
  • In the SGC infirmary, Dr. Nimziki is examining Major Kawalsky, thinking that his headaches may be related to Stargate travel. Yet Nimziki notices something in Kawalsky's back. But at the moment Nimziki touches the back, something move quickly inside the body to Kawalsky's neck. Then, Kawalsky's eyes glow, he holds Nimziki's neck and breaks it, killing him instantly.
  • In the SGC briefing room, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Cpt Carter show to some SG team members the Dial Home Device, a device connected to the Stargate which has to be used like a telephone to dial back Earth. They should find one on every planet they visit. Then from the window, Jackson wonders what Kawalsky is doing inside the embarkation room. Carter orders to page Col O'Neill and Gen Hammond.
  • In the embarkation room, Kawalsky's face is livid, with no expression at all. O'Neill runs into the room, followed by Hammond. Carter and Jackson are already here behind Kawalsky. When Jackson calls Kawalsky, the latter turns back, and seems astonished to be here.

Act 2

  • Back to the infirmary, O'Neill asks for a doctor. Dr. Warner comes in, stating that Dr. Nimziki was on duty. Kawalsky complains about headaches, but O'Neill says it's more like blackouts. Warner orders to do a MRI to see what's going on. O'Neill asks Warner to take care of Kawalsky.
  • General Hammond, Colonel Kennedy and his personal aide come out Hammond's office to the briefing room. Hammond welcomes Teal'c and introduces Col Kennedy who is here to collect information about the Goa'uld. When Teal'c pledge allegiance to Earth, Hammond informs him that it's only an informal meeting. Kennedy asks Teal'c about the power source of the Goa'uld weapons and the technology of the Stargate but Teal's says that he doesn't know anything as "Goa'uld magic" is forbidden. Then O'Neill comes in stating that it's not magic. O'Neill and Kennedy tease each other but Hammond stops O'Neill. O'Neill adds that he told Teal'c that this country respects individual rights. Kennedy invites O'Neill to seat and ask Teal'c about the Goa'uld. According to Teal'c, they rule by force, were a few but are more now and control several hundred worlds. If a world is useless for them, then they abandon it to itself. Peace is generally not negotiable as they would kill any resistance. If they indeed have spaceships, yet a journey to invade world would take months even years and a lot of slaves to fill. Those people came from a world called the Tau'ri according to a legend, world where the Goa'uld "harvested" the primitives to become Goa'uld hosts, Jaffa or slaves. But this world has been lost in sight for centuries. When Kennedy tells Teal'c that people of this kind live on Earth, the latter realizes that he is on this particular world. O'Neill tells the story of the rebellion against Ra.
  • Meanwhile, in the examination room, Dr. Warner performs a MRI exam on Major Kawalsky.
  • Carter and Jackson exit an elevator, Jackson is visibly tired. Carter tells Jackson that she well go to the control room since the Goa'uld stopped their attack. She is concerned about Jackson's lack of sleep. Jackson replies back that he cannot stop thinking about Sha're and her fate. When Carter tells him that he cannot stay awake continuously, he teases her with a cup of coffee, but promises her that he will rest and meet her in the next briefing.
  • Jackson comes inside a dormitory to get some sleep, but when he sits on a bed, an arm fall just before his eyes. When he switches on the light, he discovers Nimziki's dead body on the upper bed.
  • On the MRI monitor, Dr. Warner discovers a unusual shape wrapped around Kawalsky's neck. Warner comes to Kawalsky and tells him that he is removed from active duty immediately. Kawalaky doesn't react first but suddenly, his eyes glow and Warner has just enough time to push the emergency alert button.

Act 3

  • Kawalsky walks through the corridors and heads up to the control room. He pushes back all the personnel with violence then enter a Stargate address on the dialing computer. Carter comes in and tries to stop him with no success. She manages to close the blast doors and send an alert, but Kawalsky grabs her and asks her to help him. His voice is distorted. O'Neill comes in but Kawalsky takes Carter with him into the corridors. O'Neill follows them, telling the guard not to shoot them. They go inside an elevator where Kawalsky push the button for the surface. The door closes before O'Neill can open it.
  • Inside the elevator, Carter warns Kawalsky that they won't survive to this as they will shoot at sight. When Carter attempts to push the elevator emergency stop button, Kawalsky violently pulls her in the back of the elevator, knocking her out.
  • Outside, General Hammond gets to Jackson and asks what's going on. According to Jackson, somebody is stuck inside the elevator. Kawalsky, back to normal asks for help at the very moment O'Neill arrives. He unlocks the elevator's doors and asks Kawalsky to tell what really happened. Kawalsky has no idea, but Carter is wounded.
  • In the Stargate Command operation room, Dr. Warner shows General Hammond and O'Neill the results of the MRI with a symbiote wrapped around the cervical vertebrae. O'Neill goes to Jackson and the two of them explain the situation to Kawalsky who is tied on a rotating table: an infant Goa'uld, not yet mature came inside him, reason of the blackouts. Kawalsky is taken aback, remembering only that they were coming back from Chulak, bringing Casey who was wounded. Scared to death, Kawalsky begs O'Neill to help him and take of this thing out of him. O'Neill reassures him as this is the plan.
  • Dr. Warner explains to Hammond that he stopped giving painkillers to Kawalsky so he could have all his responsiveness. As for a surgical attempt, Warner tells Hammond it could be possible without killing him but he could remain quadriplegic. Hammond tells him that he can bring here in the 24 hours whoever he needs to assist him.
  • Kawalsky asks for the possible wound and casualties. There is one dead, and four injured, including Carter. Kawalsky cries as he didn't want to hurt her. O'Neill reassures him once again and orders him to fight it.
  • Later, Hammond, Kennedy and O'Neill enter inside Teal's cell. Kennedy orders Teal'c to face him and show his symbiote. Teal'c obeys, much to O'Neill's disgust. Not aware of what's going on, O'Neill tells Teal'c what happened to Kawalsky. Teal'c asks if he made a demand, and tells that the symbiote must have a host before its maturity. Hammond says that they plan to remove the symbiote. Teal'c warns them that a symbiote can kill its host when the two are blended. O'Neill asks what can they do.

Act 4

  • In the surgical room, Kawalsky is struggling more and more. As Hammond comes to him Kawalsky ask him to do something as the pain is to strong. Hammond tries to reassure him with no success. O'Neill tells Kawalsky that they want to talk to the Goa'uld. Kawalsky disagrees and wants it dead, whatever for his life. By getting on his nerves, his pulse is raising, and the Goa'uld within him takes place. As it doesn't want to speak to the traitor Teal'c, it speaks to Hammond. its demand is to pass through the Stargate. As it refuses all negotiation, it starts to shake and break the restraints. But when the guards are ready to open fire on it, Kawalsky awakes. Hammond promises him he won't go through it again and asks Dr. Warner to tell him the moment he is ready to remove this thing from his officer.
  • In the meeting room, Hammond allows Colonel Kennedy to share a proposition. According to him, and according to the little chances of success of removing the parasite, it would be better to let it live so it can give some information. O'Neill, Carter and Jackson disagree. Teal'c says that the Goa'uld are born with all the knowledge of the Goa'uld who were before him, yet it won't give information in their free will. Kennedy suggest just to study it, as the Major has a little chance to survive. Hammond is exceeded by Kennedy's attitude. Kennedy then reply that he will refer to his superiors. Hammond tells him that he will speak directly to the President of the United States and orders to resume the extraction procedure.
  • In the infirmary, Doctor Warner tests several anesthetics on Teal's symbiote, based on Teal'c's feelings and knowing that there is no communication between the symbiote and the host. He finally asks the nurse to release him.
  • Meanwhile, O'Neill and Kawalsky talk together about the operations. O'Neill tries to reassure him, yet Kawalsky know the odds. He asks to be incinerated. He felt so happy about his command and tells O'Neill that it has been an honor to serve with him.
  • In the operating room prepared for the intervention, Kawalsky makes a demand to General Hammond: he wants to wake up as himself or not at all. Hammond gives his word. The surgery starts. After a moment, Warner start to detach the ganglion from the spine. Carter and Jackson talk about the possibility to perform this kind of extraction on Sha're. Warner notices some life signs in the symbiote. As he cut some filament attached to Kawalsky's brain, the latter starts to convulse then stops. Warner eventually removes the parasite, the surgery seems to be a success. Teal'c is watching, doubtful.

Act 5

  • Kawalsky is lying on a bed in the infirmary, with O'Neill and Warner checking for his reflexes. The result seems to be above all expectations. When O'Neill gives water to Kawalsky, he coughs. O'Neill teases him that he has to drink for one, not two.
  • In General Hammond's office, Kennedy comes in to tell Hammond he returns to Langley with Teal'c as he is the only specimen left on Earth. When Kennedy tells Hammond that these aliens are certainly the most important threat that ever existed, Hammond reminds him that this command has been established for this very purpose.
  • In the infirmary, Jackson comes in and joins O'Neill and Kawalsky. He asks the latter if he wants to see the symbiote's hull, but he dismisses. Carter comes in and tell them that Kennedy is taking Teal'c for studying. O'Neill is upset and leaves the room, followed by Jackson, saying that Kennedy's ethics are pretty flexible. Kawalsky asks Carter if they can bring Teal'c to him before he leaves the base.
  • Teal'c, with two guards around him is coming to the infirmary. Seated on his bed Kawalsky wants to personally thank the one who saved him. Then he asks, then demands to remain alone with Teal'c. The two guards then go outside behind the door. Suddenly, Kawalsky's eye glow and the Goa'uld take his throat. He tells the Jaffa that he was already one with the host when they removed the hull. He offers Teal'c a chance to follow him but he refuses. He squeezes the throat and Teal'c collapses.


  • One doesn't know how much time did exactly passed since the return from Chulak ("Children of the Gods") and the several Goa'uld attempts to invade Earth by the Stargate. It seems to be a short period of time, yet this period seems to be long enough to let the refugees come back home.
  • The iris which has been installed on the Stargate is made of pure titanium and placed at three micrometers from the event horizon. It won't allow matter to fully reintegrate when getting out of the wormhole and then provokes the instant death of all living beings who dare to pass through a closed iris.
  • Stargate Command has a configurable self-destruct device powerful enough to "vaporize" the whole mountain (according to Samantha Carter's comments), avoiding any intrusion by the Stargate which would be effectively buried.


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