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Biographical information
Planet of origin Earth
Nationality American
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Socio-political information
Occupation Chief surgeon
Salutation Doctor
Allegiances US Air Force,
Stargate Command
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Kevin McNulty
First appearance "The Enemy Within"

Dr. Warner is a chief surgeon working for Stargate Command.

Character's evolution

"The Enemy Within" (1997)

In the Stargate Command infirmary, Dr. Warner introduces himself to Colonel Jack O'Neill and Major Charles Kawalsky when the latter complains about headaches, and states that Dr. Nimziki should be on duty. He quickly checks Kawalsky and decides to practice a MRI right away. O'Neill asks Warner to take care of Kawalsky.

Later, while performing the MRI, Warner notices a form around Kawalsky's spine. He decides to take Kawalsky out of active duty, yet he just has time to hit the alarm button when Kawalsky's eyes glow.

Later in the infirmary, as Kawalsky is strapped on a rotating table, Warner explains the situation to Major General Hammond; the parasite is wrapped around his spine and Warner removed all pain medication to increase Kawalsky's alertness and resistance. A removal operation could be dangerous as Kawalsky could remain quadriplegic in the better case. Hammond asks Warner to tell him who he needs for the operation, he will bring them within 24 hours.

Later, as Teal'c asks to speak with the Goa'uld, Warner notices the heart rate that has double. After that Hammond orders Warner to tell him the moment he'll be ready to remove the parasite.

In the Stargate Command briefing room, Colonel Kennedy explains his point of view regarding Kawalsky and the symbiote within him, as Warner states that chances of succeeding are around twelwe percent at most, and the parasite would be dead anyway. As Hammond becomes upset regarding Kennedy's statement, he orders Warner to proceed the tests.

In the infirmary, Warner uses some anesthetic on Teal'c's symbiote, asking if this one's working better. Teal'c tells him that a Jaffa doesn't communicate with the symbiote he carries, so he is not sure at all. Warner asks the nurse to release Teal'c.

In the Stargate Command operating room, Warner starts to proceed the extraction operation and tells Kawalsky he will inject simultaneously the anesthetic to both the patient and the symbiote. He starts to incise the neck. Warner is surprised that the extraction seems to be easier than expected. Yet when he cut some filaments, Kawalsky's body shakes. Finally, the symbiote is removed and Warner asks to close for him.

Later in the infirmary, Warner asks Kawalsky to move his fingers and toes, and is pleased to see Kawalsky recovering much faster than his best expectations. He leaves the room.

When the SGC alarm is blaring, Warner rushes to the infirmary. Teal'c gets out of the room, stating that the Goa'uld has won. When Warner asks how, Teal's replies that he deceived them.


When Cassandra is prepared to an extraction operation, Dr. Warner is here to proceed with a scope. Dr. Fraiser checks the monitor. As Warner approachs the heart and sees the object near it. He tries to take some tissue samples and make a biopsy. When Cassandra's heart flatlines, Warner remove the scope and asks to prepare the paddles. Yet, suddenly, the heart starts to beat again.

Dr. Fraiser reports the analysis of the samples Warner took. It seems that the cellular decay acts like a clockwork.


In the SGC infirmary, General Hammond tells Teal'c that Daniel Jackson is still unconscious, but according to Doctor Warner, he will be all right.

"Spirits" (1998)

Xe'ls, a Spirit, impersonnates Dr. Warner, who has been abducted by them as well as other members of the SGC including Major General George Hammond. Warner is finally released, as well as the other members of Stargate Command, when Daniel Jackson and Colonel Jack O'Neill manage to tell them they don't want to harm Tonane and his people.

"Legacy" (1999)

When Dr. Janet Fraiser, Captain Samantha Carter and Colonel Jack O'Neill are infected by an organism that affect their behavior and they become dellusional but Carter, Dr. Warner is called by General George Hammond. When he arrives, Carter tells him that she's okay obviously thanks to the Jolinar of Malkshur's protein marker in her bloodstream. As Carter would like to let Warner doing some tests on her, Hammond tells them Warner will remain outside the SGC laboratory. First thinking that Fraiser was acting dellusional to isolate Carter's blood, he realises what she means to do; isolating the incompatible part using a centrifuge and a freezer. Following Fraiser and Warner's advices, Carter manages to separate the rejectable part and injects the protein on Fraiser and O'Neill. In the observation room, Warner, Hammond and Daniel Jackson exchange smiles when they see Fraiser and O'Neill returning to normal.


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