Charles Kawalsky's Goa'uld

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This article is about the Goa'uld who has taken Major Charles Kawalsky on Chulak. For the host himself, see Charles Kawalsky.
Charles Kawalsky's Goa'uld
Biographical information
Planet of origin Chulak
Death 1997 (killed by Teal'c)
Stargate Command embarkation room
Gender Asexual (male personality)
Race Goa'uld
Socio-political information
Allegiance himself
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Jay Acovone
First appearance "Children of the Gods"

Charles Kawalsky's Goa'uld was an infant Goa'uld who has taken Charles Kawalsky's body on Chulak. It died on 1997, killed by Teal'c (along with its host).

Character's evolution

"Children of the Gods" (1997)

When a Jaffa is throttled by a primitive man on Chulak, his symbiote, desperately looking for survival, gets out the dead Jaffa and comes inside Major Charles Kawalsky by his neck. Back in Stargate Command, Kawalsky holds his neck, grining. Then, suddenly, his eyes glow.

"The Enemy Within"

Unmaturity of the symbiote avoids it to take full control of Kawalsky, the latter starts to suffer headaches and blackouts. Kawalsky gets on the SGC infirmary and is checked by Doctor Nimziki. The young doctor notices something on Kawalsky's back. At this moment, the symbiote takes control of Kawalsky and breaks Nimziky's neck, then hide the body in the base's quarters. The Goa'uld then reaches the embarkation room, standing on the ramp, but doesn't move further.

When Kawalsky passes an MRI examination, Doctor Warner discovers a symbiote around his spine, then says to Kawalsky he's removed from active duty starting now. But the Goa'uld takes control once again. Doctor Warner has just the time to push the alarm button. The Goa'uld leaves the infirmary, and gets to the SGC control room. He tries to call Chulak, but he is stopped by Captain Carter. The Goa'uld takes her hostage and tries to leave the base using a elevator. He knocks out Carter when the latter pushes the stop button. Few moments later, Kawalsky is back again.

Kawalsky is strapped on a table, and the Goa'uld manifests himself when he is sollicitated by Teal'c and General Hammond. Not speaking to Teal'c, the traitor, he orders Hammond to let him go with the body using the Stargate. When the Goa'uld uses his strength to untie himself, Kawalsky gets control of himself.

Kawalsky is under surgery, led by Doctor Warner, to remove the symbiote. The operation seems to be succesfull, yet the symbiote takes all control of Kawalsky. It escapes from the infirmary after throtteling Teal'c. In the control room, it breaks Master Sergeant Harriman's arm, calls Chulak and enables the self-desctruct device. When it gets the embarkation room, Teal'c is here, and the two fight. When Colonel Jack O'Neill and General Hammond disable the self destruct, O'Neill orders Teal'c to hold Kawalsky inside the event horizon. Then O'Neill orders Harriman to shut down the Stargate, removing a part of Kawalsky's skull. This action kills the Goa'uld as well as Kawalsky.