Primitive (Children of the Gods)

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Biographical information
Species Human
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by John Bear Curtis
First appearance "Children of the Gods"

A primitive man was among the people taken from different planets by Apophis and put in place inside the prison of Chulak.


The primitive has been somehow taken from his home planet by Apophis' Serpent Guards and put in jail inside the prison of Chulak, to be part of the ceremony of choosing (SG1: "Children of the Gods").

Character's evolution

"Children of the Gods" (1997)

The primitive is already inside the prison of Chulak when SG-1 team members are captured. Thanks to Teal'c, Apophis' First Prime, the primitive and all his fellow prisoners are freed and walk inside the woods to get the Chulak Stargate. Along with the others, he is afraid when Teal'c shows his infant Goa'uld from his belly pouch.

When Doctor Daniel Jackson and Captain Samantha Carter dial Earth to evacuate the planet, the primitive defends the fugitives against the Serpent Guards using rocks, along with SG-1 and SG-2. He hits and kills at least one of them.[1] Later, by the strength of his own arms, he suffocates an other Serpent Guard. Then Teal'c takes him and the two of them pass through the wormhole and reach the Stargate Command embarkation room, facing the military ready to shoot. Carter and Daniel yell the military to hold their fire.

Later, once the wormhole disengaged, the primitive, along with the other refugies, thank SG-1 to have saved them from the Goa'uld.

"The Enemy Within"

The primitive has been relocated to his planet before the Goa'uld attempts to attack Earth.[2]



  1. This scene is visible only on Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods - Final Cut.
  2. This statement is deduced from Jack O'Neill's dialogue with Teal'c at the beginning of "The Enemy Within".