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A character from Stargate SG-1
Xe'ls in Spirits.jpg
Xe'ls in his true form
Biographical information
Planet of origin PXY-887
Race Spirit
Species Humanoid
Status Alive
Socio-political information
Salutation Raven Spirit
Allegiances Spirits
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Alex Zahara (true form)
Roger R. Cross (posing as Cpt. Connor)
Kevin McNulty (posing as Dr. Warner)
First appearance "Spirits"

Xe'ls is a Spirit living on PXY-887.


Long time ago, when the Spirits settled on PXY-887, he and his kind forced the Goa'uld to leave the planet, and freed their slaved humans, the Salish. The Salish venerated them after. Xe'ls is a metamorph and made himself visible as a raven to the Salish. His kind live in harmony since (SG1: "Spirits").

Xe'ls seems to be a leader among the Spirits.

Character's evolution

"Spirits" (1998)


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