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An anesthetic is injected in the symbiote within Charles Kawalsky's body (SG1: "The Enemy Within").
Type Drug
Production information
Manufacturer Tau'ri
Out of Universe information
First appearance "The Enemy Within"
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An anesthetic is a drug used to temporarely locally or completely send to sleep a subject in order to proceed a surgical intervention without any pain.




"The Enemy Within" (1997)

Doctor Warner experiments some anesthetics on Teal'c's symbiote in order to prepare the extraction of the symbiote within Charles Kawalsky's body. During the extraction operation, he starts to inject the anesthetic in both the symbiote and the host.


Abu, a young Shavadai, shows to Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill and Teal'c the vertues of an anesthetic made by himself with plants on a wound caused by a fire arrow.


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