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Skaara mimics Jack O'Neill and tries to smoke a cigarette (Stargate).
Type Drug
Place of origin Earth
Production information
Manufacturer Earth
Out of Universe information
First appearance Stargate
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A cigarette is a small cylinder of paper filled with tobacco used to smoke. Some people smoke or previoulsy smoked cigarettes.


The use of smoking make eventually people dependent of cigarette and the lack of nicotine make them sick (SGU: "Darkness").

Current smokers

Former smokers



Stargate (1995)

In the Stargate Command meeting room, several people are smoking, among them are Barbara Shore and Colonel Jack O'Neill.

Later, on Abydos, O'Neill is resting in Nagada, smoking a cigarette. Skaara is intrigued by the process and eventually mimics O'Neill. At the moment Skaara inhales the smoke, he coughs, unlike O'Neill, as he is not used to inhale it. O'Neill figures out it wasn't clever to let him smoke.


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