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Location type City
Geographical situation
Galaxy Milky Way
Planet Abydos
Status Destroyed (along with Abydos)
Affiliation Abydonians
Information non linked to the Stargate universe
First appearance Stargate

Nagada was a larg fortified city located on Abydos, home of many Abydonians. It has been destroyed along with the planet by Anubis in 2002.


Nagada was a large fortified city build in the middle of the Abydos desert. The city had huge walls able to sustain frequent sandstorms. It had a main entrance closed by a huge heavy wooden door. Inside the city, all mansions are stacked on top of each other. To access some homes, one have to use some wooden footbridges. In the center of the city, a place where a bronze with the Eye of Ra was standing in the middle of it. This area was used for celebrations and common meals (Stargate).




  • The name of Nadaga is not prounonced in the movie nor in the series, yet the name of Nagada appears on one of the costume sketches drawn by Joseph Porro.[1] Because of this, this name is considered as canon in Semantic Stargate Wiki.

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  1. See this image to figure out.