Winter Park

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Winter Park
A view of a Winter Park street (Stargate).
Location type Town
Geographical situation
Galaxy Milky Way
Planet Earth
Continent America
Country USA
State Colorado
Information non linked to the Stargate universe
First appearance Stargate

Winter Park is a town located in the state of Colorado, USA.


This town is the home place of Sara O'Neill (Stargate, SG1: "Cold Lazarus").

Actual or former residents of Winter Park

Notable visitors

Locations in Winter Park


Stargate (1995)

Two US Air Force officers arrive in Winter Park[1] to announce to a depressive Colonel Jack O'Neill that he has been reactivated.

"Cold Lazarus" (1997)


Behind the scenes

  • It is obvious that the unknown location shots from the movie are not the same than the ones from "Cold Lazarus". And if we look closely the movie sequence, we can see a building in the background, showing that the location is more a suburb than a small town. According to the Wikipedia article, Winter Park is a small town with a population of 1,000 souls. This town is near the Winter Park Resort, a ski station.

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