Charlie O'Neill

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Charlie O'Neill
Biographical information
Planet of origin Earth
Nationality American
Death 1995
O'Neills' house
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Status Deceased
Information about family
Parents Sara O'Neill,
Jack O'Neill
Grand-parent Mike (maternal grand-father)
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Kyle Graham
First mention Stargate
First appearance "Cold Lazarus" (in memories)

Charlie O'Neill was the only son of Jack and Sara O'Neill. He accidentally shot himself with O'Neill's personal gun in 1995.


Charlie was born from Jack and Sara O'Neill, and lived in Winter Park. He loved riding bicycle and was an excellent baseball player gathering some rewards. He loved playing baseball with his father, but O'Neill, quite busy those times, didn't play so much with him. One day of 1995, when O'Neill and his wife were together outside home, They heard a gunshot from the inside. They rushed in the house and discovered Charlie who accidentally shot himself, playing with O'Neill's personal gun. They brought Charlie to the hospital, but Charlie died here soon after. Following Charlie's death, O'Neill came to depression, and didn't say a word, leading their marriage to collapse (Stargate, SG1: "Cold Lazarus", "The Devil You Know", "Unnatural Selection").

Character's evolution

Stargate (1995)

An officer is suprised to see Colonel Jack O'Neill so depressed, and asks Major Johnson the reason of his behavior; Johnson replies that the Colonel's son shot himself with a firearm.

"Children of the Gods" (1997)

After Daniel Jackson's return from Abydos, him and O'Neill discuss about life since Ra's defeat. When Daniel asks O'Neill when he will at last meet his wife. O'Neill replies it will probably never happen as she already left him during the first Abydos mission. According to him, she forgave him for what happened to their son, but couldn't forget. O'Neill is the opposite; he cannot forgive himself, yet sometimes, he can forget.

"Cold Lazarus"

A crystalline blue entity impersonates Colonel Jack O'Neill and comes back on Earth to seek Charlie. Having O'Neill's memories, he comes to his ex-wife's house and asks her to see Charlie. There, Sara, who doesn't understand what's going on, tells "O'Neill" that Charlie is dead.

Later in the hospital, the Unity is dying. O'Neill finally speaks with him, and the Unity tells O'Neill that he didn't understand the meaning of O'Neill's wound until he realized that Charlie can't come back as his physical body is gone. Impersonating Charlie, the Unity tells O'Neill that Charlie will always remain in his heart as well as Sara's.

"There But For the Grace of God"

When Daniel Jackson is trapped in an alternate reality and meets General Jack O'Neill, he reminds him the death of Charlie.

"The Devil You Know" (1999)

On Netu, using the blood of Sokar and a memory recall device, Apophis tries to gather informations from Jack O'Neill's memories. O'Neill has an hallucination where he's looking for Charlie, the latter getting out of a bush with a water gun. This memory, taking place two weeks before Charlie's death is altered by O'Neill; O'Neill wants to play catch with Charlie. Charlie wants to play only if, to O'Neill's very surprise, O'Neill reveals how he contacted the Asgard, and the address of the Asgard homeworld. O'Neill, defiant, says Charlie cannot know that and resists to answer.

"Window of Opportunity" (2000)

Trying to change Malikai's mind who's attempting to revive his wife using a time loop machine on P4X-639, O'Neill says to him he knows what it costs to loose someboby close, using his son Charlie as an example. Eventually listening to O'Neill, Malikai shuts down the device.

"Unnatural Selection" (2002)

On Hala, an Asgard homeworld, First, a human-form Replicator, probes Jack O'Neill's mind and makes him relive Charlie's death. First says to O'Neill he is correct to blame himself as his son would be alive but for his carelessness. First says he will use this memory as punishment each time O'Neill attempts to conceal something from him on their journey.

"Fallen" (2003)

When Jack O'Neill opens his closet, two pictures of Charlie are hunged on the inside door.


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