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Two Asgard welcome Jack O'Neill (SG1: "The Fifth Race").
Bio-graphical information
Species Humanoid
Origin Othala
Distinction Roswell-type
Spoken language Asgard language
Political information
Government High Council
Status Extinct
Out of Stargate universe information
First mention "Thor's Hammer"
First appearance "Thor's Chariot"

The Asgard were a race of sentient humanoid beings who developed a very advanced technology. They encountered the Tau'ri and made an alliance with them. Yet, in 2006, because of their genetic deterioration, they eventually gave all their knowledge as legacy to the Tau'ri before commiting a mass suicide by destroying their home planet.


The Asgard are a humanoid race with a "Roswell"-type appearance. They don't reproduce and use the cloning technology to transfert the consciousness from the old body to a new one.

Notable people


Several millenias ago, the Asgard, the Ancients, the Nox and the Furlings, who were among the most avanced civilisations in the universe, made an Alliance of Four Great Races on Heliopolis (SG1: "The Torment of Tantalus", "The Fifth Race").

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