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File:Mastadge in Stargate.jpg
Bio-graphical information
Species Animal
Origin Abydos
Distinction Domestic animal
Sharp nosed
Political information
Status Extinct
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance Stargate

The mastadge was a vegetarian domestic animal living on Abydos.


This species has a size like a camel, and is able to run at large speeds, as well as carrying heavy weights. It has been domesticated by the Abydonians (Stargate).

Detailed evolution

Stargate (1995)

On Abydos, Doctor Daniel Jackson first encounters a mastadge and notices to Colonel Jack O'Neill that this animal has a harness. Yet, when he feeds him with a 5th Avenue candy bar, the mastadge is scarred and runs away in the desert, dragging Jackson by his leg. Later, the animal, is quiet, liking Jackson.

Later in the night in Nagada, Skaara uses the mastadge's sharp smell sense to retrieve Jackson who went to the Abydos cave with Sha're.


Behind the scenes

  • The voice of the mastadge has been performed by Frank Welker.
  • When Daniel Jackson is dragged by the mastadge in the desert, it was actually a dog with a miniature mastadge costume who has been used to run and drag a puppet looking like James Spader. For the full scale version, horses were used with skeletons and hairs.[1]

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