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Bio-graphical information
Species Human
Distinction Specificity to have blond hair, blue eyes and almost the same size
Spoken language English
Political information
Alliance Tau'ri (previously and briefly)
Status Presumably extinct
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "The Other Side"

The Eurondans were a human race technologically advanced, in a generational war against another population called by them the Breeders. In 2000, they encountered the Tau'ri and were eager to share Eurondan technology in exchange for deuterium so they can sustain against their enemies. They presumably collapsed after Colonel Jack O'Neill hit their facility with a Eurondan remote-controlled aircraft.


"They're the same… every damn one of them is the same!"
—Col. Jack O'Neill (SG1: "The Other Side")

Long ago (at least two generations), Eurondans began to make a genetic selection of their kind with similar characteristics like blond hair, blue eyes and a big size (SG1: "The Other Side").

Notable people


"It was his vision. My father saw that breeders were spreading across the face of Euronda like a plague, millions of them! We don't know how so many of them manage to survive but they do in spite of our best efforts."
—Alar (SG1: "The Other Side")

Alar's father noticed that the Eurondan population was spreading regardless of the color and genetic specificity, so he began to gather and select humans with similar characteristics, like at least blue eyes, blond hair, big size. He also built an underground facility with among other things, a stasis chamber, remote-controlled weaponry, and a system of pipes in order to poison and eradicate the "Breeders" as they call them from the surface of the planet. His generation has been put in stasis so they can repopulate Euronda after the war.

But after a generation war against their enemy, the Eurondans began to lack deuterium to fuel their facility and were regularly attacked and surrounded by their enemies. During their digging searches inside their facility, they discovered a Stargate, a DHD and some ancient writing on the history of the Stargate. They eventually started to dial the Stargate to seek for help (SG1: "The Other Side").

Detailed evolution

"The Other Side" (2000)

The Eurondans have already tried five times to contact the world at the end of the Stargate coordinates they found and sent three people across the worhmole who crushed on the Earth Stargate's iris. They eventually manage to communicate thank to Major Samantha Carter, and SG-1 meet the Eurondans soon after. The Eurondans give an explanation about the war going on with their enemies, and are willing to share Eurondan technology with the Earthlings in exchange of deuterium.

Even if Colonel Jack O'Neill is eager and fast to deal an alliance with the Eurondans despite Daniel Jackson's reluctance, O'Neill finds out that Alar, one of the Eurondan leaders, doesn't want to deal with Teal'c who is "different" than them. O'Neill suspicion grows when he discovers that the Eurondans have the same physiology. The true origin of the war with the Eurondans is revealed and SG-1 escape through the Stargate but not before sending unmanned bomber against the Eurondan underground base, jeopardizing the entire facility ant the survival of the remaining Eurondans and those in stasis.


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