Giant spider-like creature (Human)

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Giant spider-like creature
A spider on the ceiling (SG1: "Human")
Bio-graphical information
Species Animal
Origin Ruins planet
Distinction Looks like earthling spider, yet oversided
Political information
Status Alive
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "Human"

An animal species that looks like a giant spider is living on the ruins planet


The spider looks like the species that are living on Earth yet its size is at least the same as a human being. it spins a dense and sticky web. It is hairy, possesses five pairs of legs, several pairs of eyes, and a V-shaped mouth with sharped teeth (SGU: "Human").

Detailled evolution

"Human" (2009)

As they find themselves inside an underground maze on the ruins planet looking for a lost kino, Chloe Armstrong gets trapped inside a quite sticky spider web. They move to another room and as they move forward, a giant spider is moving to them on the ceiling. Ronald Greer fires on the spider that falls and the latter is crushed by the ceiling that has been weakened by Greer's shots.


When Eli Wallace tries to explain to Chloe Armstrong and Matthew Scott that they might be wrong about the direction to get back to Destiny, Scott urges the small group to move on as a giant spider is approaching them. They leave the room at once.