People of P4A-771

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People of P4A-771
Bio-graphical information
Species Unknown
Origin P4A-771
Distinction Use advanced weapons and technology
Spoken language Unknown
Political information
Government Unknown
Alliance Unknown
Status Living
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "Solitudes"

The people of P4A-771 are an unknown race living on P4A-771.


Nothing is known about this race. Yet, they have advanced technology (especially weapons) and guard the Stargate from intruders (SG1: "Solitudes").


"Solitudes" (1997)

During a recon mission on P4A-771, SG-1 team is taken under fire and surrounded by unknown enemy forces, may be Goa'uld according to Teal'c. Forced to come back by the Stargate, they all engage through the wormhole but an enemy blast shoots the Stargate which overloads.

When the Stargate is fixed, MSgt. Walter Harriman dials the planet and sends a MALP through the gate. There, no sign of Col. O'Neill or Cpt. Carter is detected and the MALP is quickly destroyed by a blast. Because of this, Major General Hammond orders there will be no attempt to send a rescue mission.


  • Teal'c supposes that the blast may be from Goa'uld technology. However he's not sure at all and nothing can say the Goa'uld had empowered P4A-771 as there is no mention of them anymore in the episode. Because of this, this unknown alien race will remain "unknown". All speculation about this will be considered as fanwanking and will be removed from the wiki.