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Bio-graphical information
Species Human
Origin Simarka
Distinction Mongol-type tribe
Spoken language English
Political information
Government Ruled by a chieftain, Turghan
Status Alive
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "Emancipation"

The Toughai (meaning "People of the forest") are a human ethnic tribe living on planet Simarka.


The Toughai are a tribe of humans who have been taken by the Goa'uld (called "demons" by them) as slaves at least 900 years ago on Simarka. Probably descendants of the Earth Mongol tribe of the Shagatai, they kept their way of life typically of the steppe nomad, especially the way they considered women. Men are polygamists and women are merely merchandise, less valued than horses. They cannot speak until they're allowed to, cannot get out without wearing a veal on their face. If they don't observe the ancestral ways, they are sentenced to death at once by stoning.

The men are warriors, and when they are in war with another tribe, they're stealing, raping, and making no prisoner among the male enemies, and usually burn the village. The Shavadai are among the enemies of the Toughai.

Notable people


After been left on they own several centuries ago, the Toughai continued to live according to the ancestral laws, making war among the other tribes living on Simarka. Turghan, chieftain of the Toughai in 1997 had already 22 tribes who plaided allegiance to him. (SG1: "Emancipation").

Detailled evolution

"Emancipation" (1997)

Abducted by Abu, Captain Samantha Carter is brought to the Toughai tribe, sold by him to Turghan for 300 weights of gold, hoping to have Nya in exchange with no success. Turghan planned already to give Nya to Chimakka, the desert warlord, to have a 23rd tribe alleged to the Toughai.

When eventually Carter defies Turghan according to the ancestral laws, and wins, Turghan declares that the Shavadai are free and there cannot be war between the two tribes.


Behind the scenes