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Turghan in Stargate SG-1 Season 1.jpg
Biographical information
Planet of origin Simarka
Race Toughai
Species Human
Information about family
Child Nya (daughter)
Other relative Abu (step-son)
Socio-political information
Occupation Chieftain
Allegiance Himself
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
First appearance "Emancipation"

Turghan is the Toughai's chieftain, native of planet Simarka.


Turghan is a feared and respected chieftain, ruling among his people by force and violence. According to Moughal, chieftain of the Shavadai, Turghan is "a man who kills for pleasure." Turghan himself "slaughters the men and trade the women and children." Because of this fear, 22 tribes made allegiance to him. Turghan was about to make an alliance with Chimakka, the desert warlord, by offering his daughter Nya to Chimakka.

Turghan is a zealous defender and applyer of the Simarka ancestral laws, even if his family may be hurt in the process, to make an example (SG1: "Emancipation").

Character's evolution

"Emancipation" (1997)

Abu, son of the Shavadai chieftain Moughal, comes inside a village with Captain Samantha Carter to trade her. Eventually, he asks to trade Turghan's daugther Nya for Carter. Turghan refuses and forces him to accept 300 weights of golds for Carter. Once Abu left, Turghan threatens Carter and tells her she will obey the tribe women's condition rules.

Later, after Carter attemps unsuccessfully to escape the village, Turghan is about to wip Nya's mother as well as the other womens who where in charge to make an example. Carter asks him to punish her as she made the fault. Kissing her violently, he promises her she will be a "woman" according to the laws.

The next morning, SG-1 and Moughal come in Turghan's village and trade to buy back Carter. Turghan doesn't seem interested until Colonel Jack O'Neill proposes 500 weights of gold plus his own sidearm, with a demonstration of its power. Turghan deals and shows to his tribe the power of the weapon by firing into the air.

When Nya is caught back when attempting to flee with Abu in the woods, Turghan has to condemn her to be stoned to death to make an example. Turghan offers forgiveness to his daughter and orders to stone her. Thenn Moughal challenges him according to the song of Alkhan-tyr. Turghan refuses to fight a crippled man but Carter offers Turghan to replace Moughal in the fight. The fight (which is a fight to the death) goes on and eventually, Carter wins. Nya begs Carter to spare Turghan's life because she's free. Carter orders Turghan to say it himself. So he frees Nya, the Shavadai, and Carter herself, because she won, according to the law.

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