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Biographical information
Planet of origin Simarka
Race Shavadai
Species Human
Information about family
Marriage an unnamed wife
Child Abu (son)
Other relative Nya (daughter-in-law)
Socio-political information
Occupation Chieftain
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Soon-Tek Oh
First appearance "Emancipation"

Moughal is a Shavadai Chieftain living on planet Simarka.


Moughal is leading the Shavadai tribe. Unlike his fellow Shavadai, he only has one woman as wife because he loves her and wanted to make a kind of example, but it has been seen like a weakness as women are more like a merchandise for his people and a poor man is a king among his women. He has at least a son, Abu. Moughal is crippled on his right leg. Moughal beleved that one day, the old laws will be replaced by merchandise and animal trade (SG1: "Emancipation").

Character's evolution

"Emancipation" (1997)

When Moughal arrives and sees his son who was pursued by dogs, he orders to kill Captain Samantha Carter who "dared" speaking before men, which is forbidden by ancestral laws. Abu tells his father that Carter saved him from the dogs. On his words, Moughal changes his mind, stating that a woman who saves a man deserves to live. Then he invites SG-1 to follow him at his village.

There in his tent, he explains the reasaon: the fact a woman shows her face or wear man clothes is punished by death penalty, but as Carter saved Abu from the dogs' stomacs, it has gave an opportunity to spare her life. He then explains that ancestral laws are strong but one day, trade will take advantage. Moughal ask Carter to stay and put a more appropriate outfit before getting out.

The next day, when Carter is kidnapped by Abu to be sold, Moughal goes with Colonel Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c to Turghan's camp, one of his enemies. Once there he trades to buy back Carter.

Later, Abu runs towards the small reunited group to ask for help as Nya, his love and Turghan's daughter, has been captured and sentenced to be stoned to death by the village's men. After thinking, Moughal states there is a way to prevent the stoning by the law: the song of Arkhan-tyr. All come back to Turghan's village and Moughal challenges Turghan. Turghan refuses the challenge a Moughal is a crippled man. Carter volunteers to challenge him and eventually wins the fight.

Later, back to the Shavadai's village, all prepare Nya and Abu's six days wedding. When SG-1 leave the villages, Moughal sets all the women free and declares to Carter this is the way she will be remembered.