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An episode from Stargate SG-1
Captain Carter is threatened by Turghan, chieftain of the Thoughai.
Episode Nb Season 1
Episode 04
Directed by Jeff Woolnough
Written by Katharyn Powers
Produced by Ron French
Director of photography Peter F. Woeste
Original air date (1997-08-08)  USA: August 8, 1997
(1998-04-22)  UK: April 22, 1998
Length 42'24"
Guest starring
Episode chronology
Précédent "The Enemy Within" "The Broca Divide" Suivant
Episode title card
An alien civilization is forced to reconsider their views on women when Carter rebels against their social customs.
"Emancipation" is the 4th episode of Stargate SG-1 Season 1.


Story development

Planets: P3X-595 • Simarka
Races: People of the desert • People of the river • Shavadai • Toughai
Locations: Sea of Ogada • Simarka's ruined temple
Miscellaneous: Anesthetic • Genghis Khan • Shavadai anesthetic



  • SG-1 arrive on a new planet, finding what seems to be an ancient ruined temple. Colonel O'Neill orders SG-1 to move on for "safety".
  • Later, in a meadow, O'Neill uses binoculars to check the surroundings, with no evidence of life around. Suddenly, Captain Carter hears some barkings. Then a young boy appears at the top a hill, running, and chased by four dogs.
  • When the boy is caught and bitten by the dogs, O'Neill uses his handgun to scare them away. Then O'Neill tries to communicate with the boy who definitely speaks a fluent English. He introduces himself, Abu from the Shavadai, is happy to see that SG-1 are from the Sea of Ogada (as O'Neill let him believe), but takes fright when he sees Carter coming back to the group; "She's a woman".
  • At the top of the hill, three men on horses arrive. While Daniel Jackson notices that they have Mongol type, Abu urges SG-1 to leave with Carter. Yet it is too late as the men threaten SG-1 with swords, bows and arrows when they see "the woman".

Act 1

  • O'Neill fires in the air with his sidearm, scaring the three men. At the top of the hill, a more aged man riding a horse joins the group. This man is Abu's father, fearing that his son was dead since he wasn't back. Abu explain SG1's rescue against the dogs. The man asks about the way to welcome strangers. One of them points out Carter, she is a "woman". Abu tell that they're coming from the Sea of Ogada so they cannot know the customs. The leader asks about the weapons they carry. Carter answers that that's firearms shooting bullets like their bow shoot arrows. The leader is upset as she dared speaking and demands her death. Abu begs his father as the woman saved her life. The leader cancels the order as according to him, "if a woman saves a man's life, hers cannot be taken". The team is now guest of Moughal but the latter says that if they want to cross their territories, they must learn their customs. Carter is reluctant, yet Daniel Jackson says that it is a unique opportunity to learn about a 900 hundred years old culture.
  • In the Shavadai village, everybody is busy when the small group arrives here. Someone warns the other that they are back with Abu. Abu's mother gets out of a tent, covers her face, and runs to her son to hug him. She takes Carter with her. SG-1 enter inside a tent. Daniel states that only the Chagatai kept their nomad life 900 years ago. According to him the Shavadai may be their descendants.

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4



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