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An episode from Stargate SG-1
Episode Nb Season 4
Episode 16
Directed by Andy Mikita
Produced by Joseph Mallozzi
Paul Mullie
Director of photography Peter F. Woeste
Original air date (2001-01-12)  USA: January 12, 2001
(2001-01-03)  UK: January 3, 2001
(2001-09-27)  AUS: September 27, 2001
Length 42'24"
Guest starring
Episode chronology
Précédent "Chain Reaction" "Absolute Power" Suivant
Episode title card
Ten years into the future, the former members of SG-1 must send a message into the past to prevent the extinction of the human race.
"2010" is the 16th episode of Stargate SG-1 Season 4.


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  • According to the first episode image (The Washington Examiner newspaper page), the action takes place in Thursday July 27, 2010. This is actually a goof as July 27, 2010 is a Tuesday.
  • This is the first episode taking place in an alternate timeline. Technically, this story never happened as SG-1 found a way to neutralise the Aschen (SG1: "2001").
  • The Ashen writing is clearly a derivative of Ge'ez, an Ethiopian writing.


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