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2 "Breeder" pilots briefly seen by Colonel Jack O'Neill (SG1: "The Other Side")
Bio-graphical information
Species Human
Origin Euronda
Distinction Multiracial race (unlike the Eurondans)
Political information
Status Alive (in 2000)
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "The Other Side"

The "Breeders" is a term used by the Eurondans to qualify this race living on Euronda.


Farrell Sometimes we call them breeders.
Dr. Daniel Jackson Breeders?
Farrell How they reproduce, indiscriminately with no regard for genetic purity.

This unnamed race is composed of several ethnicities resulting in people of different colors, shapes and sizes. They also have the capability to reproduce easily and became millions (SG1: "The Other Side").


"It was his vision. My father saw that breeders were spreading across the face of Euronda like a plague, millions of them! We don't know how so many of them manage to survive but they do in spite of our best efforts."
Alar (SG1: "The Other Side")

Alar's father despised the "Breeders" as he wanted to have a genetically pure race, selected on strict criteria. For this he built an underground facility in which he put two stasis chambers, pipes used to poison the surface of the land so they can eradicate the population. Yet the people resisted and launch several attacks on the facility. Despite the poison spread, the race continued to reproduce and they remained millions, according to the Eurondans.

They eventually gained control of the deuterium extraction plants and the Eurondan facility fell short of energy (SG1: "The Other Side").

Detailed evolution

"The Other Side" (2000)


  • Only four images of the "Breeders" are visible on screen; a black one and a white one.

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