Planet (Human)

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Unnamed planet
Astrographic information
Address [1]
Galaxy Unnamed galaxy
Status Active
Societal information
Population None
History of Stargate Active but out of range of Destiny
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "Human"

This unnamed planet, located in a galaxy crossed by Destiny, has been explored in 2009 by a small exploration group from Destiny expedition.


This planet is full of trees. A giant spider species lives underground.


Races living on the unnamed planet

Notable visitors of the unnamed planet

Locations on the unnamed planet


This planet has seen an alien civilisation live on it and build some stone monuments as some ruins and an underground maze testify it. At a certain time (nobody knows if it is before of after the civilisation era), a seed ship put a Stargate at the surface of the planet.

Detailled evolution

"Human" (2009)



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  1. The address symbols are messed up as one cannot see the dialing sequence, and only five symbols appear on screen.