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Astrographic information
Galaxy Unnamed galaxy
Status Planet devastated
Societal information
Population None
Race Present : None
Previously : People of Novus
Technological period Present : None
Previously : Information era
Earth interest Settlement for the alternate Destiny expedition
Domination Present : None
Previously : People of Novus
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "Common Descent"

Novus (Ancient term for "New") is a planet located in an unnamed galaxy where an alternate Destiny expedition (minus Dr. Nicholas Rush and Colonel David Telford) from an alternate timeline settled after going 2,000 years in the past when they tried to dial Earth inside a star.



Races living on Novus

People from Novus

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Detailled evolution

"Common Descent" (2010)

The Destiny expedition arrive on Novus with a group of colonials and survey the planet with the Ancient shuttle and discover that the planet has suffered the effects of volano eruptions.


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