Planet (Aftermath)

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Unnamed planet
Astrographic information
Galaxy Unnamed galaxy
Atmosphere Breathable
Status Active
Societal information
Population Some members of Lucian Alliance
Race Present : Humans
Earth interest Food supply
History of Stargate Active but out of range of Destiny
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "Aftermath"

This unnamed planet is located in an unnamed galaxy who has been crossed by Destiny. In 2009, Hunter Riley found death here, and all surviving members of Kiva's faction minus nine were left behind here after their surrender.


The planet has a great volcanic activity causing a superspeed of the atmosphere. The planet is able to provide natural food supply.


Races living on the unnamed planet

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A Stargate has been put on the planet by a seed ship, but it has been buried under rocks before Destiny's arrival.

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